Video shows how opponents acted before and after fighting Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson was a ferocious fighter.

Despite standing at just 5’10”, Iron Mike packed a punch and was the most feared boxer in the world for a very long time.

He didn’t need any fancy ring walks or excessive trash-talk. He was just there to knock his opponent out.

But with such success and popularity brought with it fighters eager to bring Tyson down.

There were many of those.

Now, a video has emerged featuring opponents who thought they could beat Tyson – and how they reacted after losing to him.

We’ve rounded up what the fighters features in the video said before and after feeling the power of Iron Mike.

Donnie Long


“I’m in good shape, I feel sharp. I feel like I can outbox Tyson.

“I can box as good as he can. I’ll keep him in the middle of the ring and I can punch, if not better than Tyson.

“This will be a big win to let everybody know that Donnie Long is back.”

Result: Tyson won by TKO in Round 1


“That’s as best I’ve seen, punching power. He’s like a little German tank. You can’t back him up. No one compares to Mike Tyson.”


Lorenzo Boyd


“I plan to get right in his game. This guy’s vulnerable, he makes a lot of mistakes and I can hurt him, and I’m going to hurt him on Friday.

“I have a few things I want to show to Mr. Tyson.”

Result: Tyson won by KO in Round 2


“He’s stronger than I thought he was. He caught me real good in the rib cage and I became fearful then.

“He’ll go all the way.”

Tyrell Biggs


“I know how good I am. I owe it to myself to go out there and beat Michael Tyson like I am his daddy.

“He’s made for me. TY-son.”

Result: Tyson won by TKO in Round 7


Mike Tyson revealed after the fight: “He was crying in there, making woman gestures. I knew he was breaking down.”


Jesse Ferguson


“I plan on fighting him back, using my experience, using my bread and butter punches and left hook, and keep him at bay.

“I don’t want to run from him. I want to stay there and fight there because nobody has done that. And see how he reacts.

“I feel like I can beat Mike Tyson.”

Result: Tyson won by TKO in Round 6


“He’s in a class right by himself. He don’t have anything on his mind other than to take you out of there.

“He don’t care if you’re good, you’re excellent or you’re bad. He’s out to win.”

Pinklon Thomas


“Tyson’s so used to going in and racking guys on the chin and knocking them cold and walking away.

“The kid is not invincible. He’s just too young to understand. He’s got to go to school yet, and he hasn’t faced an opponent like me. He hasn’t faced a real champion, and I’m a champion.”

Result: Tyson won by TKO in Round 6


Thomas was clearly full of respect for Tyson, congratulating him in the ring.


That’s the effect Tyson had on his opponents. They will never forget the experience of sharing a ring with Iron Mike.

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