Premier League plan to broadcast FIFA 20 noise during behind-closed-doors matches


The return of Premier League football is edging ever closer.

The Premier League received government approval last week with the campaign set to resume on June 17.

Now that the major obstacles have been cleared, there are plenty of other details to sort out.

Neutral venues or home/away matches? What if a second wave prevents the season from being finished?

While there are also some minor aspects of football returning behind closed doors to consider.

One of them concerns the lack of crowd noise.

Those of you that have watched the Bundesliga in the last few weeks will be all too aware at quite how strange it is to hear every kick of the ball and every shout from the players.

But the Premier League plan to ensure supporters don’t have to endure the same silence for 90 minutes.


That’s because, according to the Daily Mail, they plan to broadcast crowd noise from FIFA 20 to help the watching experience.

No, really.


If approved, the crowd noise will be optional for viewers in the UK and accessed on the red button rather than the main channels. All 92 remaining Premier League matches will be shown on TV on Sky Sport, BT Sport, Amazon Prime and BBC.

On Thursday, clubs will discuss various innovations to help make the Premier League more watchable despite the empty stadiums.

Ideas include fan mosaics in the stands, 360° replays and a new tactical cam.

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