Cristiano Ronaldo: Barcelona fan creates funny highlights video of his time at Juventus


Cristiano Ronaldo has been well worth the £105 million Juventus paid for him in the summer of 2018.

There may have been a few fans who doubted the value of paying such a large sum for a player well into his thirties.

But when that player is one of the greatest to have played the game and looks after himself like Ronaldo does, there shouldn’t have been any doubt.

His debut season in Italy wasn’t the most prolific, though. The Portuguese legend ‘only’ managed 28 goals – the lowest goal return since his Manchester United days. He did help lead Juve to Serie A glory.

But this season, Ronaldo was in incredible form before the coronavirus pandemic halted football. He notched 21 goals in 22 league matches as the 35-year-old showed no signs of slowing down.

However, not every football fan appreciates Ronaldo’s greatness.

We’re looking at you Barcelona/Lionel Messi fans.

Messi and Ronaldo fans are constantly trying to prove that their favourite player is the greatest of all-time. Rather than explain why their player is the best, they mostly spend their time trying to downplay the other’s ability.


And that’s what has happened once again.

One mischievous Barca fans have created a ‘highlights’ video of Ronaldo’s ‘Skills & Goals’ in a Juventus shirt.

It’s derogatory to one of the greatest but we have to admit, it’s pretty hilarious.

The three minutes 26 second video shows Ronaldo taking some pretty awful attempts at goal. But the funniest moment occurs when Ronaldo handles the ball and, out of frustration, boots the ball into the face of teammate Sami Khedira. Amazing.

Ronaldo certainly won’t enjoy watching that video.

He probably didn’t appreciate Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker’s comments over the weekend either.

Lineker – who used to play for Barcelona – was asked about the age-old Messi vs Ronaldo debate to which he replied: “People get very tribal in all sorts of ways in life, and Messi versus Ronaldo is one of them’, he told the BBC.


“Often the choice seems to come down to whether you support Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus or whoever, which is fine – I understand that.

“I am a huge fan of Ronaldo too, but if you’re talking about the best player ever, there shouldn’t even be a debate that it is Messi. That’s just my opinion, but it’s not even close for me.”

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