WWE news: CM Punk teases return - but says he's 'currently undecided' on future

Punk has hinted at a WWE return on Twitter

CM Punk has hinted at a potential WWE return by saying he's 'currently undecided' on his pro wrestling future. 

That suggestion marks another shift in his attitude towards the company as in the past, he's been vocal about never stepping foot in their ring again. 

But after making a number of appearances on FOX Sports' WWE Backstage programme, it seems the door has been opened once again. 

Following the controversial Jeff Hardy storyline on SmackDown last Friday, Punk was asked if a 'segment like that' made him want to wrestle again. 

The former WWE star suggested he could well be open to a comeback, replying: 

"Currently divided. The country is on fire and it legit made me laugh out loud for a second so, entertained? Mission accomplished? I’m happy I don’t take it so seriously anymore." 

By refusing to rule out a return, Punk's response got fans excited, with one replying:

"Do you know how much it would mean to us for you to wrestle again? Like a breath of fresh air."

Another added: "Punk, get your a** back in the ring, you're the only reason why I would watch wrestling again."

Punk could return to WWE one day

While he refused to rule out a return to WWE, The Straight Edge Superstar also couldn't resist taking a pop at the storyline involving Hardy. 

SmackDown opened with Jeff being arrested outside the Performance Center after allegedly injuring Elias in a drink driving accident. 

But Punk wasn't at all impressed with how the situation played out on television, tweeting:

"Lol at the cop sniffing the full beer bottle that didn't get spilled then saying 'Jeff Hardy' like he's calling bingo numbers. I'm dying." 

Ever since Punk left WWE back in 2014, fans have been desperate to see him make a comeback. 

That's looked highly unlikely in the past, but these latest comments further fuel speculation that he will one day step back into the ring. 

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