WWE news: Kairi Sane suffers three-inch gash to head after being thrown into steel steps

Jax has been accused of being unsafe again

Kairi Sane was left with a three-inch gash on her forehead after being thrown into steel steps by Nia Jax on RAW.

Reports that she had been injured broke last week, with this Monday’s episode airing on tape delay due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

WWE did not edit out the spot which saw Sane suffer the gruesome injury, instead choosing to keep it in the broadcast.

They did, however, heavily edit the immediate aftermath of the incident.  

According to reports, the Japanese Superstar was ‘knocked silly’ and the match had to be stopped while medics rushed to the ring to treat her. 

On RAW, the camera cut to the crowd for a brief moment, before showing Jax tossing Sane back into the ring as if nothing had happened. 

It’s important to note that WWE aren’t blaming Jax for the incident, which can be seen below: 

Ouch. Following RAW, Sane took to social media to show off her battle scars. 

“You are strong. I have lost to you many times. I am small and you may think I’m weak,” she tweeted. 

“However, you can never beat my heart. I will get back up again.” 

While Jax isn’t being blamed for the incident, this is the second time Sane has been injured while the pair have been working together. 

In April, Nia was slammed by fans for throwing her opponent headfirst into the turnbuckle, badly botching the ‘Buckle Bomb’. 

That incident also led to the move being banned, but some still believe that Jax is too dangerous in the ring. 

Jax has been accused of being an unsafe worker

“I feel so sorry for Kairi Sane being put with Nia Jax every week, surely it’s time for her to walk away from WWE just for her own health and safety,” one fan tweeted. 

Another simply added: “I’ll say that Nia Jax is a very unsafe worker.” 

While some fans are outraged, it seems WWE certainly don’t feel the same way.

Jax has a title match with Asuka at Backlash

By beating Sane on Monday night, Jax is now the number one contender for Asuka’s RAW Women’s Championship and the pair will have a title match at Backlash later this month. 

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