WWE news: The 10 greatest moments of The Undertaker's career ranked

Undertaker's greatest WWE moments have been ranked

The Undertaker’s WWE career has been the stuff of legend.

He arrived on the scene way back in 1990 and 30 years on, still hasn’t retired that famous hat and coat. 

Given The Deadman has been in WWE for three decades, it’s fair to say he’s had some incredible and unforgettable moments.

The Hell in a Cell match with Mankind at King of the Ring in 1998 and those two WrestleMania matches with Shawn Michaels instantly spring to mind. 

But what are The Undertaker’s 10 greatest career moments?

Well, that’s a topic Tommy Dreamer and Dave LaGreca were discussing on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio

Check out Dreamer’s ranking – and the reason he picked each moment – below:

10) The Undertaker’s debut at Survivor Series

“Your debut as a performer has to be in your top 10 because it is what you set to be on the main stage for the amazing career The Undertaker had.” 

Undertaker debuted way back in 1990

9) The formation of the Ministry of Darkness

“The Undertaker was a stable character during these Monday Night Wars. You knew no matter what, no matter how much he was offered to leave, The Undertaker would stay in WWE.

“If you think about all the storylines, even with the Higher Power with Vince McMahon, it was all based on The Undertaker.”

The Ministry of Darkness were iconic during the Wars

8) The American Badass vs Jeff Hardy in a ladder match (2002)

“If you think of all the different faces of The Undertaker, The American Badass was a far stretch and it got over.

“He had a [ladder match with] Jeff Hardy and it cemented Undertaker’s legacy, not only as a great wrestler, but he was still The Undertaker in a different variation.”

The American Badass vs Hardy is one of RAW's greatest matches

7) The Last Ride Documentary

“You are getting to hear these stories that so many people have clamoured for. You’re getting to see a different side of The Undertaker.

“You get to see the side of a husband and a father. To me, it opened up that mystique about The Undertaker.”

See a different side of Undertaker in 'The Last Ride'

6) The unification of Kane and Undertaker

“When these two guys came together, it gave yet another version of The Undertaker as the Brothers of Destruction.”

The Brothers of Destruction make the list

5) The Undertaker vs Edge at WrestleMania 24

“For Edge to main event WrestleMania was big for him. An amazing character can always help other people. When you think of this feud they had, it helped elevate Edge to his iconic status as well.”

Undertaker and Edge met at WM24

4) The Undertaker vs Mankind Hell in the Cell match

“This is an iconic match. This was a way to end all feuds.

“Everybody has glimmers of The Undertaker tossing poor Mick Foley off the top through the table or choke slamming him through the cage.”

Name a more iconic WWE image

3) Retiring Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 26

“I was there, it was off the charts. It was one of ‘those’ matches.

“Shawn and Undertaker were workhorses. Undertaker is a great wrestler and it always takes another wrestler to pull that out of you and that was Shawn Michaels.”

The Undertaker retired Michaels at WrestleMania

2) The Boneyard Match vs AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36

“There were a lot of people saying The Undertaker is not The Undertaker anymore. After the streak ended, it was kind of a let down of the fans. The Roman Reigns match wasn’t as good.

“They had the Saudi Arabia match where Triple H got hurt, but this [Boneyard Match] brought back the prominence of the Undertaker and how we should always remember him.

“It gave a new light to The Undertaker that we can still see for many years to come.”

The Boneyard match at WM36 is already iconic

1) WrestleMania 25 match with Shawn Michaels

“This match was so special. It had that big prize fight feeling.” 

Arguably the greatest WrestleMania match of all time

So there we have it, Undertaker’s 10 greatest WWE moments – according to one Tommy Dreamer. 

Of course, each fan will have their own favourite memories of The Deadman, but it’s hard to argue with any of these moments featuring on the list. 

H/T to WrestlingNews for the transcription of Dreamer’s quotes. 

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