Cristiano Ronaldo turns up to Juventus training four hours early to do individual work


Cristiano Ronaldo is a model professional.

While many fans will argue that Lionel Messi is more naturally gifted than his rival, there can be no denying that Ronaldo has worked harder during his career to achieve greatness.

At the age of 35, Ronaldo hasn’t got an ounce of fat on him and still looks in incredible shape. In fact, he might just be in the shape of his life.

It shows on the pitch too. This season, the Portuguese legend has scored 21 goals in 22 league appearances.

Throughout his career, we’ve heard numerous stories and teammates have recalled occasions where Ronaldo has shown his incredible dedication.

And yet another example of that occurred on Tuesday.

According to AS, Cristiano turned up to training FOUR hours early as he prepares for the resumption of Serie A football.

He performed several exercises by himself before his teammates eventually joined him and he participated in training as normal.

According to reports, the results Ronaldo received from tests he performed are even greater than before Serie A stoped suggesting he’s in even better shape now!

Football isn’t ready for him.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner posted several videos on his Instagram during lockdown showing him working hard during the absence of football. And it’s clearly paid off.

It’s an attitude Ronaldo has had every step of the way and former Manchester United teammate Carlos Tevez summed it up brilliantly a few years ago.

"If you got there at half seven, he was there,” Tevez said.

"I said to myself, 'How do you catch this guy out?'

"So I got there one day at half six and he was there. He was half asleep but he was there."


Meanwhile, Ronaldo's former fitness coach Giovanni Mauri explained how he would get back to the training ground at 2am from a Champions League match and ensure he recovered.

"Cristiano is a phenomenon and an elite level athlete," Mauri explained.

"He always trains to the best possible level because his way of working is comprised of three things: dedication, competitiveness and a positive attitude.


"We are talking about a world-class player who, when we returned home at 2am from a Champions League away match, would not jet off home in his car.

"No, he would stop at the training centre for at least an hour for various recovery exercises and cryotherapy."

Simply no other footballer compares to Ronaldo’s work-rate.

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