WWE news: Anonymous star calls for Nia Jax to be fired after incident with Kairi Sane

Jax has been criticised by another WWE star

Nia Jax has come under heavy criticism in recent months. 

Many fans are arguing that after two separate incidents with Kairi Sane - and her history of injuring other Superstars - that she's too unsafe to work in WWE. 

On this week's episode of Monday Night RAW, Sane was left with a three-inch gash on her head after being thrown headfirst into steel steps by Jax. 

The TV broadcast - which aired on a tape delay - played down the incident, editing out any suggestion of injury or blood.  

Reports, however, suggest that in reality, it was a far more serious situation.

The match had to be stopped for some time while medics rushed to treat Sane at ringside, who was apparently 'knocked silly' by the botched spot.

It's not just fans who are calling for Jax to face repercussions either. According to Dave Meltzer of WOR, a WWE star reached out to him after the taping and said she needs to be fired.   

"[It was] 1000 per cent Nia’s fault. She needs to be f***ing fired. She is dangerous. Fire her before she cripples or kills somebody," the anonymous Superstar told him. 

WWE stars are worried about Jax

Meltzer also suggested that there are 'many others' in the locker room feeling this way about Jax. 

It's hard to blame them, considering her long history of accidentally hurting opponents.  

Per Essentially Sports, the first high profile case of Nia dangerously botching moves came against Charlotte Flair in April 2017.

Jax's history of injuries began in 2017

In August of that year, Bayley suffered a shoulder injury during a match with Jax and was shelved for two months.

Zelina Vega, Ember Moon and even R-Truth have picked up injuries while working with 'The Irresistible Force' who also famously left Becky Lynch with a fractured face in 2018.  

Lynch was left with a fractured face after taking a punch from Jax

That's a total of seven opponents injured in three years, suggesting it could well be time for WWE to have a serious conversation about Jax's future. 

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