Mike Tyson's reaction when Khabib lost his head at weigh-in vs Trujillo

Mike Tyson watches on as Khabib and Abel Trujillo clash heads

Mike Tyson certainly loved a heated confrontation at a weigh-in during his fighting days.

Iron Mike – the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history – was renowned for his intimidating aura both in the build-up to fights and in the ring itself.

Ever since his retirement from the fighting game Tyson has displayed a much calmer persona, but everyone knows the iconic boxer still loves seeing a present-day fighter lose their head.

Back in 2013, Iron Mike was next to Dana White on stage to watch the weigh-in for a UFC 160 lightweight bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Abel Trujillo.

Khabib actually failed to make weight and the Russian’s emotions were running high when he subsequently faced off against Trujillo.

Two two clashed heads, before Khabib shoved his American adversary and White was forced to step in and break up the pair.

Meanwhile, Tyson was enjoying every second and once it was brought to a halt, the heavyweight legend raised his hands as he smiled in celebration.

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One fan replied to the clip: “Mike was liking the aggressiveness. Love the look on his face.”

Another quipped: “Mike was ready to throw down!”

Khabib went on to defeat Trujillo by unanimous decision after agreeing to fight at a catchweight, which was his 20th consecutive MMA victory.

Tyson watches on

The Dagestan-born star also set a UFC record that evening, scoring an impressive 21 takedowns across the three rounds of action.

But Tyson’s reaction to Khabib’s animosity some seven years back serves as a reminder that the New York native will always be a fighting man at heart.

Throughout 2020, Iron Mike has teased a potential comeback and has gotten himself back in training and into fight-ready shape.

Rumours of a trilogy fight with Evander Holyfield are not going away anytime soon and it’s feasible that we will see the iconic 53-year-old Tyson back in the ring before the year is out.

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