Pat Cash claims Roger Federer is 'not even the second best player of his generation'


Former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash has expressed that 20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer is perhaps not even the second best player of his generation.

Cash believes that, in fact, Federer’s fierce rivals Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal should be considered ahead of the Swiss tennis great.

When asked who he thinks is the best player out of tennis’ ‘Big Three’, Cash said: “It’s Djokovic. It’s clear. The guy is a freak. They had a big head start and he has caught up with them. It’s just hard to go past the reality of head-to-head wins.”

Indeed, the Serb currently holds a lead over both his closest rivals. He holds a 27-23 lead over Federer, while he is 29-26 against Nadal.

Although, Federer does have a record tally of 20 Grand Slam titles, however, his last win in one of the big four tournaments came at Melbourne’s Australian Open in 2018, when he beat Croatia’s Marin Cilic.

One only has to cast their mind back to last year’s 2019 epic Wimbledon final between Djokovic and Federer. This ended up being the longest final in the prodigious tournament’s history at fours hours and 57 minutes.

The Serb ultimately would prevail 13-12 in a five-set classic after having saved two match points.

This indeed strengthens Cash’s argument, with the Australian adding: “Novak is up there and taken it to a level where he can do that on any surface.

“The way Rafa plays on grass, I don’t think he will ever beat Roger other than on clay.”


In the never-ending debate about who is the overall GOAT between the three, it ultimately depends on what you consider more important.

As a shot-maker and movement on the court, Federer has no equal. In terms of overall dominance on a playing surface, it would have to be Nadal. The Spaniard has to date won an unprecedented 12 French Open titles. If you take into account dominance over fellow competitors, however, then you would have say Djokovic is the greatest.

What do you tennis fans think? Who would you consider is the best of all time?

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