UFC news: Conor McGregor's latest training video gets criticised by fans


Footage has emerged on Twitter of Conor McGregor training during lockdown – and it is fair to say that “The Notorious” has certainly looked better!

The current world health situation means that many athletes are having to make do with whatever training equipment they have available, with gym facilities currently unable to open.

McGregor could be forgiven, under normal circumstances, for looking somewhat sluggish whilst hitting a punch machine in isolation. However, given that the 31-year-old was recently touting the idea that he could fight UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman as early as this summer, the lack of zest in McGregor’s work really is quite startling.

The clip, posted on MysticMacMMA Twitter account on Thursday, was captioned “Conor looking sharp”. The problem, though, is that the former two-weight UFC champion looked anything but sharp – and it did not take long for users on the social media platform to start pointing this out.

“Is this sarcasm?” asked one in the replies, whilst another stated: “I don’t see it,” referring to McGregor’s supposed sharpness.

“Has he gotten worse? That does not look impressive, slow and sluggish. Father age gets us all at some point I guess,” suggested another reply.

Now, it is worth pointing out that we do not know when exactly this footage was recorded, but it does appear to be fairly recent.

There is nothing wrong with McGregor working the pads at less than full intensity if he wishes, but this is not the sort of workout that we usually see, publicly at least, from an elite fighter.

If nothing else, this video is a strong indication that McGregor is not as ready to step back into the UFC Octagon as he has previously led fans to believe – and maybe that is for the best right now.


A McGregor fight night has grown to be a unique event, with much of his atmosphere surrounding his bouts being generated by the passionate audience opinion he generates.

Until the paying public is allowed back into arenas, the spectacle of Conor McGregor competing just would not be the same.

McGregor also generates millions in ticket sales for the UFC. In these hard economic times, it is unlikely that the UFC will be keen to forfeit so much revenue.

It may be some time before we see the sport’s biggest name back in action.

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