The 20 greatest fighters from the 20th century have been ranked (10-1)

  • Will Day

10. Manny Pacquaio 

Considering Mayweather’s position on this list compared to Pacquiao, some of you might be thinking this is an outrage, however, Pacquiao has done more as a boxer than Mayweather in the 20th century. 

Pacquiao fought 29 times in the 20th century, winning 27 of them. 

Pac-Man is still active and currently sits on a record of 62 wins, seven losses and two draws. 

9. Archie Moore 

Archie Moore is another true veteran of the sport. Moore fought at light-heavyweight and racked up 219 fights in his illustrious 28-year career. 

He fought 1,472 rounds and is a true warrior of the sport, proved by his sheer number of fights. 

Old Mongoose finished his professional boxing career with a record of 186 wins, 23 losses and 10 draws - a quite staggering record. 

8. Sugar Ray Robinson 

Sugar Ray Robinson is another grizzled vet who has racked up hundreds of fights, 200 to be exact. 

The American fought at welterweight and middleweight, managing a handy 173 wins in his astonishing career. 

Despite getting nothing short of dominated in his final fight in 1965 against Joey Archer, nothing was going to take away his legendary status that he earned himself. 

7. Joe Frazier 

Joe Frazier was yet again a heavyweight, and yet again one who dominated the division when he graced it. 

Maybe his most noticeable achievement was beating Muhammad Ali, ending his undefeated status and grasping the heavyweight world title. 

6. Muhammad Ali 


Possibly the most controversial placing on this list is the one of Muhammad Ali. After all, you don’t get the nickname ‘The Greatest’ to land yourself sixth. 

Despite his odd placing on’s list, Ali had one of the most dazzling and best careers boxing has ever seen. 

After announcing his name on the scene with a shock win over George Foreman, Ali propelled himself to the top of the heavyweight division, and before you could blink, he had ripped through everyone in the division. 

'The Greatest' won 56 out of his 61 bouts. 

5. Joe Louis 

Joe Louis, another heavyweight who wrote his name in history following his stellar career. 

Louis finished his career with a knockout loss in dramatic fashion at the hands of Rocky Marciano, however, that took nothing away from the rest of his career that had only seen two losses up to that point. 

'The Brown Bomber' finished his career with a record of 66 wins and three losses. 

4. Max Baer 

Max Baer was a big presence to the point where the people who stood across from him in the ring were genuinely scared of the American. 

Baer was also recognised for his arrogance and was one of the first ‘trash talkers’ 

The fight notes from Baer’s bout with Dutch Weimar in 1936 reads: “Time: 1:30 A light slap to Weimer's ribs ended the bout, causing the crowd to roar its disgust. Someone threw an empty whiskey bottle at Baer. 

“Leaving the ring, he turned to the crowd and shouted, 'Well, you paid to get in - suckers.'

Baer finished his professional boxing career with a record of 66 wins and 13 losses. 

3. Gene Tunney 

Yet another heavyweight to feature on this list.

Tunney only lost one fight in his career and this was via unanimous decision against Harry Greb. 

'The Fighting Marine' finished his career strong, not recording a single loss in his 35 fights after the loss to Greb. 

The Tunney-Greb rivalry went on for years with the two meeting in the ring five times. 

He finished his professional boxing career with a record of 65 wins, one loss and one draw. 

2. Jack Dempsey 

Jack Dempsey was, again, a heavyweight fighter, and he fought from 1914-1927. 

Dempsey only lost six times in 75 fights, however, his last fight was the one remembered for many years to come. 

Dempsey lost to number three Gene Tunney after almost winning the fight in the seventh round. 

Some believe that if Dempsey had responded to the referee's orders in time, he would have likely regained the world heavyweight crown with a seventh-round knockout of Tunney. 

The validity of this argument has been debated even to this day. In the fight film, a clock was superimposed that recorded Tunney's time on the floor as 14 seconds, from the moment he fell until he got up. 

Because of this delay, it became known as 'The Long Count Fight'. 

Dempsey, regardless of this fight, still finished his professional career with a positive record of 54 wins, six losses and eight draws. 

1. Rocky Marciano 

They say it is inevitable to lose in the sport of boxing, but not for Rocky Marciano. Marciano fought 49 times in the 20th century, winning all 49 of them. 

'The Brockton Blockbuster'’s only real fright of his career came in his last fight. This was against fellow great Archie Moore. 

Moore floored Marciano in the second round for a "2" count, but was knocked down officially four times himself — twice in the sixth, once in the eighth and then when he was counted out in round nine.

Marciano appeared to score a knockdown in the seventh; the timekeeper started a count, but the referee waved it off as a slip. 

Rocky Marciano rounds off this list taking the top spot, but do you agree with’s list?

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