Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather bumped into each other at an airport in 2017

  • Kobe Tong

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather is one of the most lucrative events to ever grace the world of combat sports.

In hindsight, it was a little hyperbolic to suggest arguably the greatest boxer in history would ever lose to somebody who had never pulled on the gloves for a professional bout.

But the idea of MMA's pound-for-pound king switching sports to take on a Mayweather that hadn't fought for two years seemed to captivate millions of sports fans around the world.

In the end, though, it was more about the spectacle than the bout itself with Mayweather allowing his Irish opponent to exhaust himself in the early rounds before taking advantage.

The unbeaten American - who moved to 50-0 after the bout - slowly picked apart McGregor's defence and forced an accumulation stoppage in the tenth round.

The mega-money fight of 2017

McGregor felt as though the technical knockout was a little premature, but the fight was only headed in one direction and even the judges' scorecards wouldn't have saved him.

As a result, the over-the-top press conferences arguably live as long in the memory as the fight itself and there can be no denying that McGregor vs Mayweather was well promoted.

Even the most skeptical of fight fans couldn't help cracking a smile when McGregor rocked up in his now iconic 'f*** you' pinstripe suit and openly mocked Mayweather's literary skills.


McGregor and Mayweather's accidental meeting

And American broadcasters Showtime gave fans a unique insight on the build-up to the fight with their 'All Access' series and the press tour was the focus of episode one.

But of all the behind-the-scenes moments their cameras captured, perhaps none were more candid and revealing than when McGregor and Mayweather bumped into each other at an airport.

The combat sport superstars were both catching a flight from the same airport after one of the press conferences and McGregor entered the terminal as Mayweather was waiting with his family.

You can check out the awkward moment down below as well as McGregor's classy reaction:

McGregor's classy reaction

Mayweather can vaguely be heard saying something along the lines of: 'What's up? What's up little dude? What's up little dude? You alright?' in a presumed attempt to wind up McGregor.

At first, it seems as though McGregor is ready to pick up where the press conference left off by responding 'what's up?', but he eventually remained silent and walked past his opponent.

It was a decision that McGregor explained as he walked towards the plane, stating: "You know what? I'm not the type of c*** to disrespect a man like that, sitting there with his family and s***.

"You know, sitting down with his daughter and all. He said that. He engaged with me and then I stopped." 


It might seem an innocuous moment, but it goes to show the true nature of McGregor's attitude towards his opponents when the eyes of the world aren't watching and he isn't fishing for pay-per-view buys.

And while, yes, there were still cameras around, McGregor made the classy decision not to trash-talk Mayweather in front of his family and you've got to respect that.

In a fighting saga that was typified for being big, brash and over the top, it was one of the more genuine and accidental moments that summed up the fighters' dynamic best.

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