Tyson Fury's transformation from 2016 to 2020 is truly remarkable


A whole lot has happened in four years, but the award for biggest transformation in sport might just have to go to Tyson Fury.

The WBC, Ring and Lineal heavyweight champion of the world was dealing with a fair amount of personal demons back in 2016, and the way his body looked showed his struggles.

In 2015, "The Gypsy King," defeated Wladimir Klitschko for the unified heavyweight championship of the world. Afterwards, he started to have issues... really bad ones.

He lost focus on his goals. He fell off. And it showed in 2016 when he was promoting his rematch against the former champion in Klitschko.

He even said it himself that it was a disgrace to call him an athlete. He was over 150kg by April of the mentioned year, and he sure looked it. He even got up to take off his shirt, and slap his belly to show how out of shape he was going into the fight that was called off due to him spraining his ankle.

After this, everything went downhill.

He tested positive for cocaine, in which he blamed on depression. He was then stripped of all the titles he had left, and he took a long hiatus from boxing to deal with mental health issues.

He unfortunately gained even more weight by his account, and dealt with anxiety, as well as a form of bipolar disorder. He then had to start back from the beginning.

In 2018, he re-applied for his boxing license, and was granted it.

He made his comeback in 2018, winning two fights, while still calling himself the Lineal heavyweight champion, as by his own words, no one had beaten him yet.

He then set his sights on Deontay Wilder. During the build up to this fight, Fury made headline news for his transformation. He had lost an amazing amount of weight, and looked like a new man.

The first fight with Wilder ended in a draw, but the second not so much. It all came full circle for Tyson Fury when the towel from the corner of Wilder came in during the eighth round of their highly anticipated rematch.

Now, there is a video of the once well over 150kg Fury, at a much lower weight, talking about working out four times a day. My how times have changed!

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