Eddie Hall folded a frying pan with his bare hands on 'This Morning' in 2018


Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall has been something of an unexpected celebrity during lockdown.

In the absence of live sporting action due to the coronavirus pandemic, the former World’s Strongest Man champion captivated the nation by declaring the heaviest boxing match in history.

His opponent comes in the form of Hafthor Bjornsson – better known as ‘The Mountain’ on Game of Thrones – with whom the Englishman has long-standing beef.

The rivalry between the two was reignited when Bjornsson unofficially bettered Hall’s deadlift world record by hauling 501 kilograms in his home gym.

It was an incident that opened some old scars for Hall, most notably Bjornsson’s allegations that he cheated on his way to WSM glory, leading him to push for the boxing match.

‘The Beast’ vs ‘The Mountain’

And it appears as though the verbal back and forth is more than just talk with Bjornsson seemingly confirming the fight on Instagram a few weeks back with a working date of September 2021.

Hall has gathered an impressive following on his YouTube channel and already seems to be losing weight in preparation for a bout that could attract massive pay-per-view numbers.

While, yes, it goes without saying that neither are master technicians in the ring, there’s no denying that punches flying in from arms that can lift 500kg will be remarkable to watch. 


Folding a frying pan

But just how strong is someone capable of being, well, the world’s strongest man? It’s easy to hear numbers like 500kg and accept that it’s impressive without really knowing what it means.

Allow us to clear up the situation: Hall gave an astonishing demonstration of his strength in simple terms during an appearance on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ two years ago.

Hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby challenged the strongman to fold a rudimentary frying pan in half, something that seems barely comprehensible to your average joe.

But low and behold, Hall took to his feet and a few grunts later, the frying pan had been folded like a burrito and the presenters could barely believe it when they got their hands on it.

Check out the truly crazy footage down below:


Absolute madness.

The idea of going into your kitchen draws, whipping out your frying pan and even being able to change its shape by a mere millimetre seems absolutely impressible, but that!? Wow.

It would certainly be an ominous warning for anybody thinking of stepping in the ring with Hall, although we’re pretty sure Bjornsson could fold a fair few kitchen utensils himself.

What we don’t know, though, is who will win if they settle things in the boxing ring, but we can’t wait to find out. 

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