WWE news: Lio Rush posts email sent to management objecting to WWE's hostile environment

Rush has aired his concerns with WWE's backstage hazing

Lio Rush was released by WWE as part of the mass talent cuts made back in April, due to the coronavirus crisis. 

Before leaving the company, he performed on the NXT, 205 Live and RAW brands, but there were reports he would never fulfil his full potential due to ‘backstage heat’. 

It was believed Rush had ‘attitude issues’ and was said to have disrespected veterans, which rubbed some of his colleagues the wrong way. 

On Friday night, the ‘Man of the Hour’ published an email – dated November 9, 2018 – that he sent to WWE management. 

It’s titled ‘objections to hostile work environment’ and alleges incidents of hazing and unfair treatment he received during his career. 

Rush posted screenshots of the email on social media, saying that attacks on him and his character have gone on for too long. 

He’s now sharing his side of the story, hoping to ’empower others by empowering himself’ at this critical time. 

You can see screenshots of the full email below:  

Rush shared his issues with WWE management
Rush shared a lot of objections with WWE management
Rush also moved to ensure he's not insinuating WWE are a racist company

Along with explaining why he’s posting his side of the story, Rush also moved to assure that he’s not insinuating WWE is a racist company. 

“Please be clear, I am in no way insinuating that the WWE is a racist company, nor am I commenting on the racial attitudes of any of the companies individuals,” he captioned the post.

“However, this email shows that I expressed concerns of racial insensitivity and my feelings as a young African American male to the WWE office during the incidents that have brought so much negativity to my name.” 

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Rush didn’t share if he received a response to his email from WWE management, but in publishing his ‘objections’ the former Superstar has certainly started an important conversation.

The fact he’s finally been able to share his side of the story is also positive and will hopefully dispel any unfair attacks on him and his character.  

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