WWE news: 10 backstage stories from the Attitude Era that are hard to believe

The Attitude Era was a crazy time in WWE

WWE's Attitude Era is perhaps the most famous period in pro wrestling history. 

There were some outrageous television storylines and all the characters were larger than life. 

Given that WWE was striving for groundbreaking, exciting and often crazy entertainment each week, just imagine what the atmosphere was like backstage.

Plenty of stories about the work environment have been shared over the years - some good, some bad. 

But there are some backstage tales that are almost impossible to believe... even for WWE's most iconic era. Check out 10 of them below. 

10) Bret Hart punching Vince McMahon in the face

This one is rather famous. In the aftermath of the Montreal Screwjob, Hart went to find McMahon backstage, who had already accepted he needed to face the music. 

'Hitman' didn't go easy though, flooring his (former) boss with an uppercut, before others stepped in to break the pair up.

This was after Hart went on a rampage live on TV, swearing at the crowd and spitting in McMahon's face. 

Bret Hart punched Vince McMahon in the face

9) Mick Foley walks out in protest - for one day

The Montreal Screwjob sent shockwaves through WWE's locker room, with many feeling Hart had been betrayed. 

At the same time though, Vince was still their boss - so everyone showed up for work 24 hours after Survivor Series in 1997. Everyone but Mick Foley. 

He actually walked out on the company but was quickly convinced his stand wouldn't change anything. Therefore, Foley's protest lasted just one day. 

Foley walked out of WWE for one day

8) X-Pac's outrageous 'pranks'

Backstage pranks in the wrestling locker room are common, but X-Pac certainly took them too far. 

Per The Sportster, he was known for using alternate bathrooms - famously leaving faecal matter in Sable's bag. 

He also reportedly used planted poo in Sunny's lunch and Mark Henry's sandwich. Disgusting. 

X-Pac had a reputation as a joker

7) The Rock wrestling in a shirt 

There was a brief period in The Rock's famous wrestling career when he performed with a shirt on. But why?

Some believed it was a style change or part of the gimmick, but that's actually not true. 

Late in 1998, Rock had breast tissue reduction surgery and simply wanted to cover-up scars and marks from the procedure. 

Rock wrestled with a shirt on for a short period of time

6) Bret Hart pulls Shawn Michaels' hair out 

The real-life backstage heat between Hart and Michaels is well documented. While they did normally work together amicably in the ring, there was one night it all went wrong. 

On an episode of RAW, HBK alluded to a real-life affair between Hart and Sunny that simply wasn't true. 'Hitman' thought that promo was out of line and confronted Michaels backstage. 

Things got physical between the pair, who were broken up quickly - but not before Bret managed to rip out a chunk of Shawn's hair.

Hart and HBK didn't get along backstage

5) Shawn Michaels wins the European title from the British Bulldog

At 1997's One Night Only PPV, the British Bulldog was originally booked to successfully defend his European title against Michaels.

Davey Boy Smith's terminally ill sister was in the crowd and he was supposed to dedicate the win and the match to her. 

But instead of letting the Bulldog have his special moment, Michaels apparently used his influence backstage to get the outcome of the match changed. He won the title that night. 

HBK screwed the Bulldog out of his title

4) Original WrestleMania XV plans 

This list features a lot of Shawn Michaels. Per Sportster, original plans for WM XV's main event was a triple-threat between Stone Cold, The Rock, and Mankind for the WWE championship.

The plan was changed after input from Michaels, who believed a traditional one-on-one match was best for business.

Interestingly, HBK was campaigning for the match to be between The Rock and Mankind - excluding Stone Cold. Thankfully, he didn't have *that* much influence and WWE went with including the latter.

The original plans for WM15 were changed

3) Goldust almost got breast implants 

According to Sportster, one of Vince McMahon's craziest ideas would have seen Goldust getting breast implants 'to improve his revolutionary gimmick even more'.

It even seems that Dustin Rhodes was on board with it himself, before the boss changed his mind, preventing it from happening. 

Goldust nearly got breast implants

2) The 'Kliq' bullying Chris Candido

Candido and his wife Sunny were both employed by WWE for a number of years.

Despite the two being in close proximity, rumours suggested Sunny was having an affair with Shawn Michaels and this talk circulated around the locker room. 

The 'Kliq' apparently took pleasure from the whole situation, 'taunting and tormenting Candido for not doing anything about his wife's cheating, to the point where he contemplated suicide'.

Sunny reportedly had relationships with the locker room

1) DX trying to squash The Rock

WWE knew The Rock would be a star from the very start. Because of that, he was placed in favourable positions by creative. 

That led to some jealously amongst established stars, notably HBK and Triple H, who felt threatened. 

Ahead of a match for the Intercontinental title, where Rock was set to beat Bret Hart, DX tried to convince 'The Hitman' that he should beat his opponent and take the title anyway. 

Thankfully, Hart liked The Rock and could see his potential, so didn't go against the script or ruin his opponent's momentum that night.

DX tried to squash The Rock

The Attitude Era gave us some incredible TV storylines and some even more unbelievable backstage tales. 

From Shawn Michaels throwing his weight around backstage to Bret Hart punching his boss in the face, you can bet there was never a boring day behind-the-scenes in WWE

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