Hafthor Bjornsson shares new boxing footage ahead of fight with Eddie Hall


It seems like boxing is becoming the new way for public figures to put an end to fierce rivalries.

We’ve already seen YouTubers like KSI and Logan Paul take to the ring, as well as Logan's brother Jake, and now it’s the turn of World’s Strongest Man competitors Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson, with the fight supposedly taking place next September.

With the sheer size of both men, it is hard to imagine the fight going anywhere near the distance. Both large athletes with an enormous amount of power behind their fists... surely one sweet shot and it'll be all she wrote.

Hall has already stated as well that he will “beat the living s**t” out of Thor’s entourage if they try to become involved in the fight.

However, how did this all start?

The rivalry stems from both men competing in the World’s Strongest Man competition, which Eddie won in 2017, but Thor has since been vocal on how he feels regarding that decision.

The Iceland native claims that he was harshly treated by officials at the competition and that he deserved to win it, not Hall.

Now, this has all escalated to the point where both men want to take to the boxing ring to settle their differences, although Eddie is the only one with actual in-ring boxing experience, as he involved in a charity boxing match back in 2012.

Both men seem to be taking this very seriously, though, with both of them posting boxing training videos to YouTube, with Thor posting his as recently as this Friday.

Watching the footage of Thor train, one word comes to mind… slow.If you scroll in the above video to 22:00, you can see him working the pads.

However, with the size of the man, that is to be somewhat expected. There is obvious power behind his shots, but he looks a long way away from being able to compete.

You can audibly hear the Icelandic’s breathing after throwing a couple of shots, which, if is still the case next year, could spell trouble.

Both men taking to the ring will be like watching Butterbean 2.0; a short fight, with a 80% chance of there being a knockout.

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