UFC news: Ranking Conor McGregor's fights with the company from worst to best


Would you believe it? Conor McGregor has announced his retirement… again.

This now makes it the third time in four years the Irishman has claimed he is walking away from the Octagon.

McGregor has already stated that he sees himself as one of MMA’s all-time greats, after winning two titles in two different weight divisions, but are his days in UFC really done with?

McGregor has had 12 fights with the company, some of them being real show stealers, but how do they rank up?

Here is how we rank the Irishman’s fights with Dana White’s company.

12. McGregor vs Brimage – UFC on FUEL TV 9

This was McGregor’s UFC debut and he exploded onto the scene, earning Knockout of the Night. The Irishman ended the fight in just 67 seconds, announcing himself to UFC in an extraordinary way.

11. McGregor vs Donald Cerrone – UFC 246

This was McGregor’s return to UFC after 15 months away from the Octagon. While not his shortest fight, McGregor only needed 40 seconds to defeat the veteran. Many were surprised by McGregor’s shoulder strikes in the clinch which led to the Irishman’s dominant victory.


10. McGregor vs Max Holloway – UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs Sonnen

McGregor’s second fight in UFC saw him come up against a young Max Holloway, who was yet to set the featherweight division on fire. McGregor won the fight due to unanimous decision, but this is where we first saw the cocky side of McGregor as he taunted Holloway throughout the fight.

9. McGregor vs Diego Brandao – UFC Fight Night

McGregor’s only fight in Ireland was his third fight in the company and his first main event. The atmosphere was, of course, electric, with home country supporters being very vocal in their support of McGregor and it was all topped off with a ‘notorious’ left hand.

8. McGregor vs Dustin Poirier – UFC 178

McGregor was typical McGregor in the build up to this fight, which had fans on the edge of their seats as this looked like a very even match-up. However, it was all over in two minutes when McGregor dropped Poirier.

7. McGregor vs Jose Aldo – UFC 194


Perhaps McGregor’s most iconic UFC moment, bulldozing Jose Aldo in 13 seconds to become UFC featherweight champion after catching him with a left hand as he advanced towards him. It’s definitely one of UFC’s most memorable moments.

6. McGregor vs Nate Diaz 1 – UFC 196

The first of two fights between the rivals and what an exchange it was. McGregor came up short, however, after Diaz managed to win via submission.

5. McGregor vs Dennis Siver – UFC Fight Night

This was a massive fight for McGregor as he was promised a title shot if he was victorious, which he was. Perhaps the most memorable moment from this fight was the Russian refusing to touch gloves with McGregor, which in response saw a middle finger, which sent the crowd in to uproar.

4. McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov – UFC 229

An infamous fight due to its build up and aftermath. McGregor was forced into submission by the Russian and what happened next was shocking as both teams ended up brawling in and out the Octagon.


3. McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez – UFC 205

The night McGregor put his name in the history books by becoming the first simultaneous two-division champion. McGregor dominated the fight and ended it in the second round.

2. McGregor vs Chad Mendes – UFC 189

Another fight McGregor ended in the second round. McGregor did come close to losing bout fight due to Mendes’ superb wrestling skills, but the Irishman managed to knockout Mendes with three seconds to go in the second round.

1. McGregor vs Nate Diaz – UFC 202

This fight was an absolute classic. The two men brawled their way through the fight and provided one of the most entertaining bouts in UFC history. McGregor just nabbed the win due to judges’ decision, leaving fans clamouring for a third fight between the pair.

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