Barcelona legend Carles Puyol shares his epic goal-line block from Roberto Carlos


Barcelona legend Carles Puyol was an old-fashioned footballer in the best sense of the phrase.

We might not subscribe to the likes of Graeme Souness bashing the modern game at every opportunity, but it goes without saying that we miss players with Puyol’s attitude and ethos.

There’s still passion in the contemporary game, sure, but you seldom see players striding around the pitch barking out orders and intimidating opponents every second quite like Puyol. 

And it was a style of play that brought about unbridled success, winning the World Cup and European Championships with his country and 18 major honours at Barcelona.

It’s now been six years since Puyol decided to hang up his boots, but he’s never far from the conversation whenever the greatest defenders and captains of all time are being debated.

One of the greatest defenders of all time

A year hardly ever goes by without a compilation of Puyol’s brilliant leadership and sportsmanship going viral, leading many Barca fans to wish they could rewind the clock.

For example, the famous clip of Puyol reprimanding Thiago Alcantara and Dani Alves for excessively dancing after a Barcelona goal is just something you wouldn’t see these days.

That being said, we might have a new Puyol moment to celebrate his legacy with because the legend himself has uploaded a throwback clip to his Instagram page that’s pure gold.


Puyol’s epic clearance vs Roberto Carlos

Many of Puyol’s most titanic performances came during games with Barca’s bitter rivals Real Madrid and he was forced to defend against legendary forwards like Ronaldo Nazario and Cristiano Ronaldo.

But one of the Spaniard’s greatest ever El Clasico moments came when he was forced to thwart Real defender Roberto Carlos when it looked as though he couldn’t possibly miss.

Puyol wrote for his caption: “Today I found this video, I had never seen the play from this perspective before… Roberto, you almost ripped my head off, my friend.”

To get an idea of what he means, check out the full clip down below and appreciate Puyol’s bravery in all its glory:

UNKNOWN EMBED: pre-embed, pre-instagram

We don’t know what’s more miraculous: the fact the ball didn’t end up in the net or the fact Puyol’s head didn’t.

The idea of standing on the goal-line of an open net with Carlos sprinting towards the ball on his left foot ready to shoot is the stuff of nightmares for us mere mortals.

Carlos is famous for having one of the most powerful strikes in football history and with the ball teed up so perfectly for him, he didn’t disappoint with an absolute corker of a strike.  


The ultimate captain

But Puyol didn’t discriminate, he flung his head towards the ball regardless of who had struck it and how hard it was struck, denying the goal and seeing himself flop to the ground in the process.

You certainly don’t get the feeling that Puyol was in anyway playacting when he came crashing down and it’s no wonder that Ronaldinho ran over to congratulate him on the clearance.

And all these years later, it still looks just as remarkable. They don’t make players like Puyol anymore.

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