How the Premier League table would look if VAR wasn't being used this season - ahead of restart


If it wasn’t for the coronavirus pandemic, the 2019/20 Premier League season would have been remembered for VAR.

VAR was introduced to England’s top-flight but the implementation of the technology didn’t exactly go to plan.

Almost every week, there was a goal disallowed for a striker’s armpit being offside as we watched lines being shown on our screens to disallow goals for the smallest of margins.

It got to a point where fans could be heard chanting ‘F**k VAR’ in unison.

But we here at GIVEMESPORT tried to ignore VAR altogether. 

Each week, we would look at all of the overturned VAR decisions and work out what would have happened if there was no technology. We would then alter the league table accordingly.

So, how would the Premier League table look without VAR this season?

Well, let’s take a look:


So, Liverpool would still be miles clear at the top – although the gap would be 18 points rather than the 25 in real life. In fact, in terms of positions, the top-four remains unchanged.

However, despite being fifth in the real table, Manchester United find themselves all the way down in 9th having picked up five extra points thanks to VAR. 

Based on position change, Everton have been affected the most with the Toffees leaping five positions into seventh. But looking at the points difference, West Ham can feel the most hard done by as you would be a massive SEVEN points better off if it wasn’t for VAR.


Contrastingly, Brighton have picked up an extra seven points from VAR this season. Without it, they would find themselves rock bottom!

Despite the Premier League returning behind closed doors, the league have insisted they will be keeping VAR for the remainder of the season. And when it does return, we will produce our VAR table after each game week. 

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