WWE news: Why The Undertaker and Triple H almost MISSED WrestleMania 17

Undertaker met Triple H at WM17

Jim Ross has revealed how close The Undertaker and Triple H were to being accidentally left off the WrestleMania 17 card. 

The two WWE icons went head-to-head in the penultimate match back in 2001 and The Deadman picked up a victory to extend his famous streak. 

But it very nearly didn't happen, because Vince McMahon simply forgot to put them on the card until the last minute. 

According to Jim Ross, the match was only made when he reminded the boss that two top guys weren't going to be involved. 

"When Vince and I were looking at the card for WrestleMania 17, he had a shell of a card from creative and Vince’s ideas obviously," he said on the latest edition of Grilling JR.

"I was trying to manage the entire roster, so I look at the card and I say, 'Well, it's a hell of a card, Vince, but we got two guys that aren’t booked that need to be booked.'

"'Who?' 'Undertaker and Triple H.' 'Oh goddamn.' 'Yeah, oh goddamn is right.' They both deserved to be on WrestleMania."

So, Triple H and Undertaker have JR to thank for being involved at WrestleMania 17!

Undertaker vs Triple H nearly didn't happen

Of course, even if the legendary announcer hadn't intervened at that time, it's highly likely Vince would have noticed the error himself. 

After all, as JR explains, both men needed to be on that card and McMahon had no issue with putting them on. 

"They worked their ass off, they've been great soldiers, they've been great team-mates, they've done great. So they got booked," he continued.

"As you remember, Undertaker wrestled Triple H at WrestleMania 17 in a cold as ice match.

The match was eventually booked for WrestleMania

"It was just an oversight, you got a lot on your plate, no excuse other than human error, but when [Vince] realised that they have not been booked, he said we’ve got to fix that, immediately.

"It was just the fact that the card that was presented to Vince by the creative people did not have those two stars on it, which tells me that somebody isn’t f***ing paying attention."

Everyone makes mistakes, but it's lucky JR was around to help Vince rectify his back in 2001!

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