Cristiano Ronaldo played football in disguise for a legendary prank in 2015

  • Kobe Tong

Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is a class act on and off the pitch.

Football fans around the world have become used to Ronaldo making the beautiful game look easy, scoring hatfuls of goals and hoovering up an incredible five Ballon d'Or titles.

But what endears him to so many supporters is the way he behaves away from the sport, too.

Ronaldo has such a massive platform - he's the most followed human on Instagram, after all - that being a role model to those who support him is incredibly important.

And although Ronaldo might seem arrogant on the pitch from time to time, there's no denying that he's remarkably humble and philanthropic when the chips are down.

Ronaldo's superstar status

There are countless examples of when Ronaldo has made massive donations to charities and taken care of disadvantaged children, in particular, who are adoring fans of his.

However, being one of the most famous people in the world means it's difficult to appear in public and do things that that normal people, like ourselves, can do without thinking

It would only take for Ronaldo to go down to his local corner shop in Turin for hundreds of selfie requests to rain in and his location to spread on social media like wildfire.


Ronaldo's legendary Madrid prank

Well... that would be true if Ronaldo was maintaining his usual appearance and a legendary prank from 2015 shows that a few simple changes can allow CR7 to explore the 'normal world'.

That's because a brilliant advert dressed Ronaldo up like a homeless person - complete with beard, dog companion and padding clothing - to perform freestyle tricks in Madrid's Plaza del Callao.

The brilliant footage shows Ronaldo attempting to nutmeg old people, showing off his skills to young children and even randomly asking a unwitting woman for their phone number.

Ronaldo eventually broke character to sign a young freestyler's football in a truly heartwarming moment, before a crowd of hundreds inevitably formed around him.

You can check out the brilliant footage down below:

Ronaldo's legacy in Madrid

Just imagine the scenes: you're walking through Madrid and there is Real's all-time record goalscorer playing football in public. What we would have paid to be there.

No matter what Ronaldo goes on to achieve in Italy, he'll always be adored for his time in the Spanish capital, scoring an astonishing 450 goals in just 438 appearances for Los Blancos.

And it's moments like taking to the streets themselves to dish out a priceless surprise that means he'll always be welcomed with loving arms in the city. 


Assuming Juve never dump them out of the Champions League, that is...

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