Rashford, De Bruyne and Foden: Predicting the next 10 PFA POTY award winners


The PFA Player of the Year award is still up for grabs at the Premier League season readies itself for a June 17 return.

It seems to make sense that a Liverpool player will lift the accolade considering they’ve lost just one game all season and are on course to break Manchester City’s record of 100 points.

As a result, captain Jordan Henderson seems to have emerged as the leading contender in fan votes, although Sadio Mane and Virgil van Dijk are bound to be hot on his heels.

However, in the opinion of many, Kevin De Bruyne has actually been the league’s best player this season and shouldn’t be penalised in an individual award for his team falling short.

The moral of the story here is that predicting the winner of the PFA’s star prize is no easy task, so imagine how impossible it would be to forecast the next victories… yeh, about that.

Predicting PFA award winners

We’re always up for a challenge here at GIVEMESPORT and having already predicted the next 10 winners of the Ballon d’Or, we’re prepared to make ourselves look stupid again.

So, join us by collecting your nearest tinfoil hat, make a fort out of all your books on conspiracy theories and delve into this hypothetical narrative of the Premier League‘s future.

Or to put it even better: check out our 10 predictions that are bound to look silly in little over a few month’s time down below (god help us):


2019/20: Jordan Henderson

Look, we’re actually of the opinion that De Bruyne is the worthiest man for this season’s award, but we reckon Premier League players will see this as an opportunity to give Henderson the credit he deserves.

Voters will feel slightly obliged to give a Liverpool player the prize and they’ll likely connect with Henderson’s narrative of being so misunderstood and underrated for season after season.

Think of it like an actor that always deserved an Oscar, but when they actually got one, it wasn’t really for the film they deserved it most.


2020/21: Kevin De Bruyne

However… we think City will be flying out of the traps for revenge next season and with Liverpool looking unlikely to invest this summer, we think the trophy will be returning to the Etihad Stadium.

That’s especially likely if City don’t have Champions League football to worry about and any success from Pep Guardiola’s men is bound to stem from their star man: De Bruyne.

Again, there could be a feeling of obligation to vote for the Belgian who, by this point, will have been unlucky to lose out to Liverpool players in both 2018 and 2020.


2021/22: Bruno Fernandes

It’s at this point where things start to become really tough to predict, but we have faith in the long-term project at United and Fernandes is already one of the league’s most exciting players.

We don’t think it’s from without the realms of possibility that he’ll thrust himself into PFA award contention by the time the Red Devils have benefited from two more seasons to come into their own.


2022/23: Trent Alexander-Arnold

But let’s be honest here, there’s just too much talent in this Liverpool squad for them not to experience a renaissance and Alexander-Arnold is already one of the world’s best players at merely 21 years old.

It would frankly be a scandal if he never won the PFA award in his career and we back him to do so in just three year’s time, perhaps even as a midfielder and most definitely having stayed loyal to the Reds.


2023/24: Jadon Sancho

However, by the mid-section of the decade, we’re sticking our necks out by saying that United will go on a run of two or three Premier League titles in a row, meaning a few of their players will be revelling in the awards circuit.

Everything seems to suggest that Sancho will be heading to Old Trafford and considering he could be a Ballon d’Or nominee at age 20, we don’t think it’s impossible that he’ll be the Premier League’s best by his 24th birthday.


2024/25: Marcus Rashford

We’re going to get hammered for this one, aren’t we? Look, it’s become vogue to say that Rashford is overrated and newly a penalty merchant, but cut the guy some slack, he’s only 22 years old.

Considering he already has 201 appearances and 64 goals for the Red Devils, we’re feeling confident that he’ll be churning out 30-goal seasons in his prime for a title-winning United side.

Combine that with some potential hype off the back of Euro 2024 and yes, we really do think Rashford will bag the PFA award this decade.


2025/26: Frenkie de Jong

Football is so unpredictable that sometimes to predict the unpredictable you have to predict something unpredictable. You follow?

Hence, we’re throwing in a mid-decade curveball by suggesting that Frenkie de Jong is going to move to Tottenham in his prime and stand out as the league’s best player despite Spurs finishing third.

I expect a knighthood if this one comes true.


2026/27: Phil Foden

In a world where Pep Guardiola remained as City manager perpetually, we’d be confident that Foden would up sticks, but we reckon his rise to the top will conveniently coincide with the Spaniard’s departure.

By the time Foden is 27 years old, he’ll be scoring 15 league goals a season from midfield and inspiring the Citizens through title challenges and European challenges that fall narrowly short.

And if you think he’s overhyped, kindly remember that Guardiona said last year: “Phil is the most, most, most talented player I have ever seen in my career as a manager.”


2027/28: Kai Havertz

Ok, yeh, guilty as charged: we have absolutely no idea whatsoever at this point. That being said, we’ve largely picked current Premier League players so far and that’s unlikely to be a decade-long trend.

Havertz is one of the most gifted young players in the sport right now and for whatever reason, we can see him ending up at Liverpool one day and let’s say for sake of this article that he’s going to smash it at Anfield.


2028/29: Mason Greenwood

Here we go again, overhyping United players, right? Again, let’s put some respect on Greenwood’s name seeing as he’s broken into the first-team this season with an impressive 12 goals.

And in a world where United have won a few titles with a full-firing Rashford up front, we can definitely see a scenario when Greenwood graduates to become England and his club’s go-to number nine.

He’s just showing too much potential right now to never become a 30-goal-a-season sort of striker.


If you’ve gathered anything from his mad-hat, questionably-sane delve into an alternate universe, then let it be that predicting the Premier League is near enough impossible.

But then again, isn’t that the beautiful of it anyway?

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