WWE news: Zack Ryder left shaking in anger at strange WWE request after he was fired

Ryder was upset with WWE for their strange request

WWE released a number of Superstars in April, attempting to save some money during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Matt Cardona (known as Zack Ryder) was one of those cut from the roster. 

There are plenty of wrestling fans who believe he was criminally underutilised in WWE, never being pushed as a main event star despite having all the tools to be one. 

Cardona himself has addressed these issues on numerous occasions, but that’s a conversation for another time. 

He has a right to be upset with how his career panned out and even after being fired, WWE still left him ‘shaking with anger’ last month.  

Despite being released in April, the company requested to use his pool to film a SmackDown segment. 

“I’m sitting by the pool with Chelsea, and she has a weird look on her face,” Cardona said on The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, per Wrestling Inc.

“I’m like, ‘Babe, what’s up?’ She’s like, ‘Uh, someone from WWE asked me if Otis, Mandy Rose, and a camera crew can come here to film a pool scene for SmackDown.’ 

WWE filmed a scene at Ryder's house

“I was shaking in anger. Shaking in anger. You fired me, but you want to use my pool?” 

The former WWE star was so annoyed, that he had to restrain himself from tweeting about the situation. 

“I had a tweet sent, and I say this sometimes, ‘Don’t press send.’ It was a ‘Don’t press send’ tweet,” he continued.

“I was just very, like, ‘You fired me, but you want to use my pool a couple weeks later?’… I was pissed. The fact is they didn’t even ask me, they asked her!” 

Ryder wasn't happy with WWE's request

Despite being upset by the request, it seems Cardona’s pool was actually used for the SmackDown angle – and he let them in because he thought it was a ‘rib’. 

“I guess they were taping at the Performance Center on Monday and Tuesday, and my good friends, Morrison and The Miz, they said they were coming over.

“They’re texting me and said – ‘Can I bring Otis?’ So, I thought it was a rib because they knew the story. That pissed me off, too, but then, sure enough, Otis shows up!

WWE filmed the angle there anyway

“It wasn’t a rib. Listen, I don’t know Otis – I know who he is, obviously, I wrestled him, believe it or not. Dude, this guy is pure entertainment gold. I fell in love with this man.” 

That really is a bizarre story. Imagine losing your job, only for your employer to ask for a favour a few weeks later. 

You’ve got to admire Cardona for keeping things civil, plenty of others would have told WWE where to stick their request. 

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