Tyson Fury shares beautiful moment with fan who had battles with alcohol


Tyson Fury had the pleasure of being involved in an uplifting chat with a fan this morning on Instagram Live at the end of his morning workout.

Every Tuesday, Fury and his wife Paris pick a random fan to chat to, and it was certainly an emotional one which ended up highlighting how the sessions have been having a positive impact on lives across the world.

When the video started, the woman, who did not give her name on the video, said: “Tyson, thank you so much for picking me.

“I love you two so much, honestly.

“I was drinking for ages and then I started your workout one morning and I have not had a drink for 10 weeks.”

The woman also highlighted her lack of confidence to go to the gym pre-lockdown and it was only when her boyfriend pointed out that Tyson was doing home workouts on Instagram from his Morecambe home that she was encouraged to begin a healthier lifestyle.

Fury clearly related, having experienced his fair share of overcoming health problems when suffering from depression back in 2016 that caused him to binge on food, drink and drugs.

This was not long after his memorable victory over Wladimir Klitschko in Germany, and it led to his weight increasing to 27 stone and his boxing career seemingly finished.

This led Paris to say to the woman: “I’ve watched it personally. We’ve got experience in that.”

Tyson then said: “Fantastic stuff. It is hard and you’ve done fantastic not to have a drink for 10 weeks. Absolutely well done and congratulations.”

Subsequently, the woman replied saying: “Thank you and I could not have done it without the two of you.”

Of course, we all know how Fury's journey went... he returned to the sport of boxing and conquered it yet again, defeating Deontay Wilder in his own backyard for the WBC championship.

You can still take part Fury’s home workouts every weekday at 9am on his Instagram Live page.

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