'Rent A Keeper' is an app that helps football teams find a goalkeeper

  • Kobe Tong

We all know a bad goalkeeper. Trust me, I am one.

Whether it be Sunday League or a mid-week five-a-side fixture, you can only go so many weeks before coming across a woeful shot-stopper who’s conceding goals left, right and centre.

Not everybody can turn into a peak David de Gea when they need to and even the best amateur goalkeepers are guilty of spilling one into their own net.

But wouldn’t it be good if you knew the quality of a goalkeeper ahead of time?

Even worse than seeing your number one having an absolute shocker is being told that you could have the second coming of Peter Schmeichel to replace them, only to find out they have butter fingers.

‘Rent a keeper’ app

Well fear not, ladies and gentlemen, because there’s an app that can get you ahead of the game when it comes to picking the right man or woman in the gloves for your next game.

Two entrepreneurs and goalkeepers themselves have invented ‘Rent A Keeper’, which allows football teams to find the right shot-stopper for them in either kick-a-bouts or competitive games.

But there is a catch – pun intended – and it’s the fact the app is targeted at Brazilian football with both the app’s inventors and the registered ‘keepers hailing from the lusophone nation.


Uber-style rating system

Nevertheless, 3,700 goalkeepers have signed up since the app debuted in August and 1,600 calls for games have been made through the software.

And there’s also an Uber-style rating system where you can give the goalkeeper a review between one and five stars depending on how they performed on match-day.

In other words, don’t act pretend as though you taught Jan Oblak everything he knows in your bio, only to ship seven goals and conjure memories of Rob Green at the 2010 World Cup.

Brazilian outlet Hypeness explains: “The system is simple and straightforward: you can sign up through the app as a goalkeeper or as someone who needs a goalkeeper for your game. 

“The application crosses supply and demand, together with information such as date, time and place, and offers as many archers as necessary to defend the goal of the contracting matches. 


“According to Toaldo, there are one million matches in rental courts per month in Brazil, of which 70% do not have a fixed goalkeeper.”

I wonder if Joe Hart has wound up on there…?

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