Call of Duty fans are absolutely fuming with the size of the Season 4 update


‘Call of Duty’ fans, we’ve got some good news and we’ve got some bad news, but we’re sure you’re abreast of both.

The good news is that ‘Modern Warfare’’s Season 4 has just dropped.

The bad news is the sheer monstrous size of the update that has just landed in some people’s consoles.

It seems to vary between 30-40GB depending on whether you’re playing on Xbox, PlayStation or PC, but that’s not the bad news… not for a lot of gamers anyway.

In the modern age of constant big updates, that is just about seen as an acceptable number, especially for a gaming franchise as loved as ‘Call of Duty’.

However, some Xbox gamers are reporting that their update file is upwards of 84GB. Eighty-four!

Needless to say, fans of the series who switched on their consoles and got comfortable to play some ‘Call of Duty’ action were a little bit miffed to say the least when ‘84GB’ was staring back at them.

Outrage and near pandemonium took to Reddit and Twitter whilst fans made sense of it all.

To give you an idea of the scale of the outrage, ‘84GB’ was trending worldwide on Twitter for a while.

Others called it “BS”, whilst others gave it the simple “wtf” in confusion as gamers worldwide scurried to find space on their consoles for the update.


Was it 84GB because it was a full game update for some and just the ‘Warzone’ update for others? Will the others be getting another 40GB update land in their console soon? What secrets are behind this update to hold 80+GB?

New features were announced by way of a number of teaser trailers a few weeks back, such as potential new weapons the Vector and the Galil.

There was a new map from an old instalment of the game. The map in question being Scrapyard from the much-loved ‘Modern Warfare 2’.

‘Call of Duty’ made an intensely-anticipated return to the ‘Modern Warfare’ series last year.

Updates have since included the Battle Royale additions to the game, called ‘Warzone’, which was released in March.

Activision have stated that as of May, there has been over 60 million downloads of ‘Warzone’.

For ‘Call of Duty’, it was a return to the format that had been popularised by titles such as ‘Fortnight’ and ‘PUBG’.

Blackout mode was released as part of ‘Call of Duty’’s 2018 release of ‘Black Ops 4’, similar to the Battle Royale modes seen in other games.

The franchise is reportedly set to delve into a Cold War-theme, which should be released later on this year.

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