PlayStation 5 reveal event is tonight and will start at 9pm UK time


Sony have stoked the fires for months, but finally, tonight is the night (possibly) where we will clap eyes on the PlayStation 5 for the first time.

Broadcast via the company’s Twitch and YouTube channels at 9pm BST, which is also 9pm UK time, Sony is set to reveal the console (perhaps) and introduce us to a slew of new games.

Sony have left us a trail of crumbs in relation to the PlayStation 5, with just a brief teaser of the controller and a few scraps of footage from the Unreal Engine 5 to feed on.

Sid Shuman, a senior director at Sony, has made an announcement that the event will largely centre around the games available at launch. The event, owing to the global pandemic, has been pre-recorded and is set to go live tonight.

The rumour mill has been in action surrounding what games we might see. 'Godfall' has been confirmed whilst 'Assassin’s Creed Valhalla' has been heavily rumoured to be showcased.

'Destiny 2' and 'Fortnite' are also tipped to be shown, perhaps with real footage from the console itself.

PlayStation 5 is set to be a force on the market when it releases later this year.

It reportedly has the capability to produce 8K visuals, a feature perhaps that we won’t see the benefit of until later on down the line, when games take advantage of it and when we’ve all purchased 8K television sets.

We also know that the engine it runs on focuses on more detailed and realistic lighting models than ever before, producing stunning footage that has been captured by Square Enix, creators of 'Final Fantasy'.

Sony have also revealed that, unlike the current iteration, the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible... but only for PlayStation 4 games.

What could be revealed is the price, set to be in the region of $500-550, according to a Bloomberg report.

The reveal event was supposed to be broadcast on June 4, but in respect to the Black Lives Matter protests that have swept the globe over the past fortnight, Sony pushed the event back a week.

By the end of the night we may very well know what the PlayStation 5 looks like and what type of hole it will burn in our pockets but we will definitely be treated to footage from titles to be released under the console.

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