Call of Duty: Warzone now has a 50 vs 50 mode


Are you all still waiting for your ‘Modern Warfare’ Season 4 update to finish? If you’ve not installed the latest update yet, you better go and do it now because as it’s 84GB.

We’ll wait for you to do that and come back because we’ve got yet more ‘Call of Duty’ features for you that have been released as part of the new update.

As part of that update you will find a new feature in ‘Warzone’ called ‘Warzone Rumble’.

This mode will feature two teams of 50 duking it out on the Verdansk map.

Other modes such as Quads, Trios, Duos, Solos and Blood Money will also be available from the latest update.

More features such as in-game events are new to the game. ‘Jailbreak’ allows everyone, both enemies and allies, to break free from the Gulag. ‘Fire Sale’ renders items in the Buy Station either free or with discounts up to 80% for a minute only. Finally, ‘Supply Choppers’ simply drops in a heavily-armoured helicopter into the middle of the map filled with ammo and health.

The update also introduces Captain Price as the new Operator in the new Battle Pass.

Activision have been very busy throughout this hefty lockdown period.

First of all, they dropped a couple of trailers that effectively announced ‘Modern Warfare’ Season 4 that had new features such as new weapons and a return to some maps from ‘Modern Warfare 2’.

‘Call of Duty’’s hotly anticipated return to the ‘Modern Warfare’ series was made last year and subsequent updates have included a return to Battle Royale features.

‘Warzone’ was released in March and Activision’s latest numbers have the download figure in the region of 60 million.

The Battle Royale format was a return necessitated by the wildly popular games ‘Fortnite’ and ‘PUBG’. The format had previously featured on ‘Black Ops 4’, with the ‘Blackout’ mode.

This year’s title from ‘Call of Duty’ has been rumoured to be set in a Cold War theme, which is set to be released later this year.

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