Sergio Aguero watches back the worst tackles he's committed during his career


Sergio Aguero doesn’t come across as a particularly aggressive footballer.

The striker is a Manchester City legend, having scored a quite ridiculous 254 goals in 368 appearances for the club.

But did you know that he’s also secretly a bit of a dirty player?

That perhaps isn’t reflected in his disciplinary record with 69 yellows and four red cards during his entire club career.

If you think Aguero hasn’t produced a bad tackle in his career, you’d be very much mistaken.

In fact, on his popular Twitch stream, a journalist made Aguero watch videos of some of his worst tackles - and there are some absolute shockers.

Perhaps the worst is his red card lunge on David Luiz during Man City vs Chelsea back in 2016.


Aguero caught Luiz with an absolute shocker of a challenge. But he was in no mood to apologise for it after watching it back.

“It got messy. I got mad. I got in a huff. I threw in the tackle you know because always I get a lot of kicks and I already knew,” Aguero said.

“[Referee Anthony Taylor said] ‘You can leave,’ he said and yeah I can’t protest. That’s from the hood. Those are neighbourhood tackles. And I got up as if nothing happened.”

It was a tackle that actually sparked a mass brawl.

When he was shown a tackle on Arsenal’s Callum Chambers during a pre-season game in 2016 in which he was given a yellow card, Aguero knew what was coming.

“Ohh this tackle,” Aguero reacted.

“I was p**sed off. I was already mad at the guy. It was a red card, but it was a friendly match. I got mad, yeah.”


When he was shown his second clash with Bastian Schweinsteiger during the 2014 World Cup final - this time an elbow - Aguero showed no mercy.

“Again to Schweinsteiger?” Aguero asked. “An elbow it seems.”

“Do you want me to jump with my arms like this?” he asked with his arms by his side.

And when the video showed Schweinsteiger with blood pouring out of his face, Aguero said: “He had a little pimple, I just touched it and it started bleeding. Don’t be a liar, Schweinsteiger.”


The final clip in the video is another Aguero vs Luiz clash.

It shows Aguero producing a two-footed lunge on the Chelsea defender when he was already on the ground during an FA Cup final in 2013.

And still, there was no apology from Aguero.


“He got me mad here,” the Argentine said.

“But it doesn’t look good. He elbowed me and he was provoking me. If you provoke me, I might hit you. It’s not a big deal. For me, it’s all good. Sometimes I can get p**sed off, can’t I?”

Yes Sergio, yes you can.

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