Man Utd strikers since 2000 ranked by their goal-per-game ratio (12th-1st)

  • Kobe Tong

12. Louis Saha - 0.34

Goals: 42

Games: 124

If it wasn't for injuries and the emergence of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo, Saha could have boasted an even more impressive goal record at Old Trafford, but nearly a half-century of strikes is still more than most will remember.

11. Carlos Tevez - 0.34

Goals: 34

Games: 99

Tevez exploded on to the scene with United across two seasons that brought consecutive Premier League titles and Champions League finals; racking up a stellar goal record to go with it.


10. Ole Gunner Solskjaer - 0.34

Goals: 126

Games: 366

Again, players who made a lot of their appearances from the bench are always going to be disadvantaged here, but the current United boss still managed a far better ratio than the forwards he's managing now.

9. Javier Hernandez - 0.38

Goals: 59

Games: 157

United wouldn't have kissed goodbye to 'Chicharito' in 2015 if the fans had anything to say about it and you always felt as though the Mexican would pop up with a dramatic goal when the club needed it most, particularly under Fergie.


8. Dimitar Berbatov - 0.38

Goals: 56

Games: 149

Berbatov looked to be for the chopping block after his first two seasons, but nobody will forget a 2010/11 campaign that brought three hat-tricks - including five goals against Blackburn - and the Golden Boot in a hurry.

7. Dwight Yorke - 0.43

Goals: 65

Games: 152

An arguably underrated forward at Old Trafford or at least merely mentioned as a sidekick for another, Yorke seemed to arrive and exit the club within the boundaries of his peak, bagging a Golden Boot in the treble-winning campaign.


6. Romelu Lukaku - 0.44

Goals: 42

Games: 96

Put some respect on Lukaku's name, ladies and gentleman. The stats speak for themselves and what the former Chelsea striker achieved in just two seasons has been woefully underrated by so many.

The fact he's currently bossing it at Inter Milan and above the likes of Solskjaer, Sheringham and Tevez in this list suggests United might have booted him out far too prematurely.

5. Andy Cole - 0.44

Goals: 121

Games: 275

And here's another player who doesn't get the plaudits he deserves. Why isn't Cole's name mentioned more amongst the Premier League greats when only Alan Shearer and our next forward have outscored him?


4. Wayne Rooney - 0.45

Goals: 253

Games: 559

There are a lot of people that would have you believe Rooney only became United's record goalscorer because he played in so many games, but let this fourth place finish serve as iron-fisted evidence to the contrary.

Rooney was lethal in front of goal and even being dumped in midfield during the backend of his spell didn't stop him from outscoring pure-bred number nines.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - 0.55

Goals: 29

Games: 53

Jose Mourinho signing Zlatan for the 2016/17 season was a stroke of genius and even his injury problems latterly at the club couldn't dampen the immaculate data he produced in his debut, 28-goal year.


2. Robin van Persie - 0.55

Goals: 58

Games: 105

One of Ferguson's greatest ever signings. To tell the truth, RVP really petered out once the Scot left the club, but that devastating debut year that won United a 13th Premier League crown was enough to produce stats like these.


1. Ruud van Nistelrooy - 0.68

Goals: 150

Goals: 219

Oh mama. This isn't a podium finish at all. Ibrahimovic and Van Persie are stood on a stepladder, whereas Van Nistelrooy is towering above them all perched on a skyscraper. 

The difference between first place and second place is nothing short of staggering and goes to show that Van Nistelrooy might well be the Premier League's greatest ever striker pound-for-pound.

What he did in such a short period of time and in an epoch where United won just a single league title is nothing short of mind-blowing. Fair play, Ruud.


So, there you have it, Van Nistelrooy has the best goal-per-game ratio of any United striker since 2000 and it's not even close.

Fair play to fellow medallists Ibrahimovic and Van Persie as well as the legends that came before them, but United might never find a striker with the finishing touch of RVN ever again.

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