Liverpool may have to celebrate winning the Premier League in Everton's car park

Will Liverpool be celebrating Premier League glory in Everton's car park?

Liverpool's quest for a first ever Premier League title will finally be concluded this season.

With the 2019/20 campaign set to resume on June 17, Jurgen Klopp's side could clinch the title four days later when they travel to bitter city rivals Everton - providing Arsenal beat Manchester City.

Winning the league at the home of your arch nemesis? It should be the stuff of dreams for Reds supporters and players, but the coronavirus pandemic looks set to put a huge downer on proceedings.

As we're all aware, no supporters will be allowed into Goodison Park next Sunday, meaning Liverpool fans will have to celebrate the title victory from the comfort of their own homes.

The situation will also not be the same for the players, as it's looking more and more likely that they will not be able to celebrate their triumph in the away dressing room.

As reported by the Daily Mail, clubs with older stadiums are having to find temporary solutions to meet the UK government's strict social distancing guidelines.

Dressing rooms in older stadiums are seen as major obstacles in abiding by the rules and this looks set to impact Liverpool.

Everton will likely have to construct a temporary structure on the other side of the ground, which may well be built on the car park behind the Park End.

Manchester United, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa and Burnley are just some of the other teams having to make match day alterations to adhere to Covid-19 protocols.

Goodison Park

You have to feel sorry for Liverpool, though. Imagine celebrating your first ever Premier League title in a car park...

Sadly, that's the situation football and the world finds itself in. With the coronavirus pandemic far from over, temporary alterations simply have to be made to protect public health.

Should Arsenal fail to beat City upon the Premier League's restart - which is pretty darn likely - Liverpool will have the chance to seal the title at Anfield against Crystal Palace.

A City win might just be the best thing for the Reds, as they can the have the customary champagne sprays in their home dressing room rather than in a car park!

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