PS5 launch: PlayStation's latest design receives brutal, yet hilarious, meme treatment

  • Tom Kelly

Last night, PlayStation revealed their greatly-anticipated PS5 to the world and, well, it’s received a mixed response. 

The PS5 launch was originally set to air last week, however, due to current world events and Black Lives Matter protests across the world, Playstation CEO Jim Ryan decided to postpone the event and stated that “more important voices needed to be heard”.

A week later, PlayStation revealed on their live stream all the need-to-know information for the PS5 which fans have been so desperate to hear.

Although fans are thrilled with the games that are coming to the console, including Marvel’s ‘Spider Man: Miles Morales’, it’s safe to say that some are less than pleased with the design of the console itself. 

Following the event, memes popped up across social media which have criticised and picked apart the PS5 console, which was described by PlayStation as “the future of gaming”. 

Jokes ranged from how the PS5 resembled a third-generation PlayStation with two sheets of paper either side, to Twitter users editing the console in place of a skyscraper and, hilariously, the Pope’s hat.

One thing is for sure… in the eyes of fans, the PS5 is evidently many things, but clearly not a gaming console. 

YouTube sensation KSI capitalised on the PS5 launch, and the hilarious memes circulating online, by creating a montage of the best jokes Twitter had to offer. Alongside, the memes themselves, KSI’s entertaining commentary added the comedic value. 

“Look at this PlayStation 5,” KSI said with uncontrollable laughter. “It looks like a Sky box, what the f*** is that.”

This was posted at 11 P.M. last night and since the tweet went live, the post has amassed over 175,000 likes while the video has attracted 1.8 million viewers. 

Below you can see some images of other memes that have taken the internet by storm since the launch.

Although the ground-breaking graphics and games coming to the revolutionary console is certainly redefining gaming, it seems as if there’s room for improvement for the design for the next PlayStation console. 

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