PS5 launch: Every single trailer dropped from the PlayStation unveil event

  • Will Day

Following a gripping live event surrounding the release of Sony’s latest game console the ‘PlayStation 5’ last night, many trailers have been released for various games that will be coming to the new console. 

Sony also released the design for the new console, as well as a new headset and remote control with the new console. 

Trailers for various games were teased by the social media team at Sony, and we will be going through all of the trailers one-by-one, telling you everything you need to know about all 16 new games coming to PlayStation 5. 

1. Horizon Forbidden West 

Horizon Forbidden West is a PlayStation exclusive which starts off with a sort of castaway, Robinson Crusoe kind of vibe. The new game will be available on disc and on download, therefore fitting the bill for both new consoles (digital edition and disc edition). 

The aim of the game is to save the world, typical of Sony. Designed to entice you, and make you never want to put down the all new DualSense controller down, this makes for a great exclusive.

2. Spider-Man Miles Morales 

After Marvel’s massive success with debut game ‘Spider-Man’ on the PlayStation 4, it was almost inevitable that we were going to see another Spider-Man label on the PlayStation 5. 

The graphics look incredible for this game, with one of the clips from the trailer even being featured in the main event last night. Other than that, it seems to be another typical Spider-Man game. 

Spider-Man going around being the hero, saving lives in dramatic cut-scenes, all makes for another great game from Insomniac Games and Marvel.

3. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 

The iconic duo of Ratchet & Clank will return on the PlayStation 5. 

Ratchet & Clank’s return sees them stuck in a sort of alternate universe with cyborgs shooting at them at the start of the trailer, which of course makes for another adventure for the pair. 

As the trailer goes on, they continue going through rifts which takes them to different dimensions and places around the world, hence the name ‘Rift Apart’. 

4. Gran Turismo 7 

Of course, the pinnacle of racing games, where would a new console be without a game like this! 

You get the same sort of feeling as you did with Gran Turismo 3 and 4 in regard to the menus and the part shop, however, overall graphics and feel seems to have improved, according to the trailer. 

Anticipation was high for a new racing game from Gran Turismo as many fans saw Forza as breathing down the neck and almost taking over from GT. 

Regardless of the debate for the best racing game, GT 7 looks to be exciting and to be creating a new dynamic for racing games. 

5. NBA 2K21 

The need for a new basketball game was high, with many fans regarding NBA 2K20 as too much like 2K19, so step forward 2K21. 

The trailer commences with crowd noises and images of New Orleans Pelican rookie Zion Williamson dribbling and shooting around in an empty gym. 

Shortly after, the music gets louder and Zion goes for a tomahawk dunk, nailing it bringing down the rim in the process. 

To be completely honest, most basketball gaming fans will be hoping the game isn’t as disappointing as the trailer. 

6. Astro’s Playroom 

Astro’s Playroom is a journey which goes through the life of fictional character ‘Astro’. The new game was designed completely by Sony themselves. 

The tweet that came with the trailer reads: “Grab a DualSense Controller and embark on a tactile journey in Astro’s Playroom”. 

It initially seems like a bit of a sale pitch for their new DualSense controller, however, as the trailer gets further in, it does appear that this game could be one for the casual gamer. 

7. Ghostwire: Tokyo 

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an interesting one as it isn’t necessarily a new game, however, it is making its console debut. 

The game is a tense action-adventure thriller from the creators of ‘The Evil Within’. 

Although not for the feint hearted, Ghostwire: Tokyo appears to be a game that would appeal to people who enjoy games like ‘The Last of Us’ and similar labels. 

The trailer doesn’t give much away, but from what it does it appears the aim of the game is fight evil. 

8. Kena: Bridge of Spirits 

This trailer starts off by looking more like a film trailer then a game, with a sort of Disney vibe, however, quickly changes to a fast-paced, action-packed trailer involving spirits and magical powers. 

Potentially, this is a game aimed at younger kids, but could be played by older people who enjoy a sort of film setting in a game. 

The voice-over talks about a ‘weakness’ of the protagonist, almost suggesting a gothic sort of feeling with the main character fighting off their weakness which could ultimately lead to their demise from power. 

9. Godfall 

Godfall is a melee focused adventure game which sees the main character from the storyline fight off a host of evil creatures. 

It almost feels a small bit like Skyrim in terms of game mechanics and the aim of the game, but at the same time is completely different in terms of who you are fighting, what you can and cannot use and the appearance of the characters. 

As you progress through the game it appears you unlock weapons and armour which in turn helps you later on in the game fight harder bosses.

10. Project Athia

Project Athia is the newest release form the team at Square Enix. 

The game focuses on character who finds themselves in another world, stuck. 

Athia’s, the protagonist, aim is to conquer the new world that she finds herself in, however, finds hurdles along the way such as monsters and dinosaur-looking creatures which intend of wiping her out of existence. 

11. Stray 

The brand-new title ‘Stray’ focuses on a stray cat which wanders round a cybercity. Although at first sounding like it is destined to flop, as the trailer goes on, the cat’s life starts to become a lot more interesting. 

The caption that goes with the trailer from Sony reads: “You’re a cat. Prowl a mysterious, neon-drenched cybercity in Stray.” 

If you stop the trailer at exactly 27 seconds in, you can see the wall which says: ‘RIP Humans’, potentially suggesting the route that this game might take. 

Stopping the trailer again just a mere 10 seconds later, you can see another wall reading: ‘No Escape’ again potentially re-iterating the route this game might take. 

12. Destruction All Stars 

Destruction All Stars is an action-packed racing and destruction (hence the name) game, but with a totally different dynamic to GT 7. 

This, almost whacky, game features fictional characters and cars, unlike GT 7. 

In the middle of the arena features players fighting to the death, even karate kicking each other into cars which somehow generates enough power to flip the car and even destroy it completely.

Destruction All Stars is definitely not realistic, however, it is funny and crazy, which could maybe draw attention to the game. 

Crashes, flipping cars, fictional characters dodging them, absolute mayhem, but potentially pure genius from the game developers of Destruction All Stars.

13. Goodbye Volcano High 

Love is in the air with this next one ‘Goodbye Volcano High’. 

The trailer starts off with an emotional narrative from a female character before the scene switches to the character burning a book, with the title ‘Goodbye Volcano High The End’. 

14. Hitman 3 

Agent 47 returns for another Hitman game to add to the previous two. 

The general vibe and feel to the game seems to be remaining, however, the game will of course feature better graphics and different missions, gripping the player. 

The trailer for Hitman 3 starts off with an intense cut-scene from inside a forest with a dramatic voice over from agent 47. 

The trailer rounds off with three chilling words ‘only death awaits’. 

15. Jett: The Far Shore 

Jett: The Far Shore has a western sort of theme right from the get-go. 

The caption with the trailer reads: “Hope for the future is among the stars. Blast off as an interstellar scout in Jett: The Far Shore” 

You can infer from this that the game may be controlled from space and following an eery space scene around a minute into the trailer, this might be fairly accurate. 

16. Pragmata 

Pragmata is the final game that has been leaked by PlayStation, and despite not being released until 2022, the game has generated a lot of attention early on. 

From the trailer, you can gather that the game is going to be driven by tech and science-fiction. 

With all of these trailers teased, the PlayStation 5 has teed itself up nicely to smash it out of the park and take the crown for the best console. 

There seems to be an awful amount of hype surrounding the trailers of all the games with the lowest amount of views on one of the trailers being just over 100k views. 

The overall consensus seems to be that Sony has well and truly outdone themselves with all of these exclusives, however, there has been plenty of times where a game trailer has looked unbelievable and the game has been awful. 

If one thing can be universally agreed, it is that there are exciting times for gaming ahead.

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