WWE news: The Undertaker's brilliant reaction to Randy Orton 'buying a private jet'

Orton had everyone fooled with his plane rib

Randy Orton sent social media into meltdown a couple of weeks ago when he seemingly bought his own private jet.

The Viper posted a picture of himself in the plane on Instagram and captioned it ‘f***ed around bought a plane’. 

Sadly, it turns out that was all a ‘massive rib’ and speaking last week, Orton revealed he didn’t actually make the purchase. 

“I did not buy a plane, no,” he told Corey Graves on WWE’s After The Bell podcast. 

“I come home and my wife goes, ‘Why the f*** did you say you bought a plane?’ I go ‘what do you mean? She says to look at social media. 

“You know I was flying home after TV and it was a private plane. I had a few drinks and we were about to take off and I was just like, look at that, so I took a picture.

“I’m thinking of a comment and it’s my social media so I gotta try and try to put the word ‘f***’ in there somewhere.

“So ‘I was f***ing around and bought a plane hashtag greatest rib ever.’ Something like that, right?”

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Well, Randy, you had us all fooled. Even WWE icon The Undertaker himself, who sent The Viper a brilliant message. 

“I don’t wanna call the guys out, but I did get some texts like ‘hey congrats on the plane,’ but the biggest pop I got was Undertaker texted me,” Orton continued. 

“He said, ‘Some are playing checkers, you’re playing chess. Congrats on the plane, kid.’ 

Undertaker sent Orton a brilliant text

“I was like, ah no, no! Then I had to let everybody know I was f***ing around.”

Hilarious. If you’ve got The Deadman fooled – along with the rest of the world – you’re doing something right. Never change, Randy. 

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