Teammates of 16-year-old who was murdered in Mexico help him score one last goal

Rest in peace, Alexander Martinez

The teammates of a murdered 16-year-old took him to the spot where he used to play football so he could score one last goal after his funeral.

Teenager Alexander Martinez was tragically killed in Mexico due to an apparent case of mistaken identity, per Reuters.

Martinez's funeral - which was reportedly attended by over 300 people - was held in Vicente Camalote on Thursday and his teammates decided to take his coffin to where they used to play together.

The teammates then kicked a ball off of Martinez's coffin into the goal, before embracing in what was an incredibly emotional scene.

You can watch the footage below.

Hordes of people were quick to respond to the footage.

One user replied: "The way they try to ‘hug’ him at the’ve got me this morning."

Another posted: "Thank you for showing this to the world. This happened in a town a few hours away from where I live. Football has been what's kept them from the streets and unite them. I'm sure this will make their bond even stronger. Now let's all demand #JusticiaParaAlexander."

Reuters report that Alexander's death has since been blamed on the police.

Alexander's teammates help him score one final goal

Oaxaca State Governor Alejandro Murat has promised to investigate the murder, saying on Twitter: "In Oaxaca, the law will apply, without hesitation, for those responsible for Alexander's case."

Rest in peace, Alexander Martinez.

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