WWE news: The most impressive Superstar body transformations in recent years

Wyatt had perhaps the most impressive transformation

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that professional wrestling is a very demanding sport.

WWE stars push themselves to the limit inside the squared circle – whether that’s through high-flying moves or brutal strong style wrestling – it all takes a toll. 

They also push their bodies to the limit too, all in the name of entertainment. 

Over the years, we’ve seen some Superstars dramatically change their physique and there’s nothing more satisfying than a ridiculous body transformation. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best we’ve seen in WWE. 

The list features the likes of Edge, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre and even Bray Wyatt – who has perhaps the greatest of them all. Check it out: 


We’re starting with a pretty famous one. Just look at Edge now! Nine years after retiring from WWE, he looks in better shape than ever upon his shock return.

The man is 46! 

Edge looks better than he did before

Seth Rollins

The Monday Night Messiah (as he’s now known) has had a brilliant career in WWE.

First, he was key to The Shield’s success, before turning on his brothers and embarking on a brilliant singles career.

But Rollins wasn’t always in the impeccable shape that’s earned him the nickname ‘Crossfit Jesus’ – back in developmental, there was a lot to be desired! 

Rollins has transformed his body

Drew McIntyre 

McIntyre was always tipped for greatness by Vince McMahon. He reached the pinnacle of WWE at WrestleMania 36, pinning Brock Lesnar for the world championship.

Right now, The Scottish Psychopath has the build of McMahon’s dream champ – he stands at 6ft 5in and is ripped to shreds. 

The work McIntyre has put in to become just that is crazy, considering what he looked like before being released by WWE in 2014.  

McIntyre is now Vince's dream champion

Rey Mysterio 

Mysterio will forever be remembered as one of the best high-flyers ever seen in a WWE ring. 

But upon returning to the company in 2018, The Master of the 619 was in very different shape to what we’d seen for much of his first run.  

Someone’s been hitting the gym! 

Mysterio's physique has changed over the years

John Cena 

Unlike those above him, Cena has rather slimmed down in recent years and appeared at WrestleMania 36 looking very lean. 

He was always one of WWE’s bigger Superstars, but just look how much weight he’s dropped since 2018! 

Very impressive. 

Cena has actually dropped a lot of weight

Bray Wyatt

We’ve saved the best for last. Wyatt actually debuted in WWE as ‘Husky Harris’ – one of the more forgettable members of Nexus.

But he’s since turned any body fat to muscle, to become one of the most imposing members of the roster. 

He may not have a typical wrestler’s build, but there’s no denying Wyatt’s transformation is incredible. 

Wyatt is now a very imposing figure

We’ve seen some very impressive body transformations over the years in WWE.

Whether it’s Edge returning with a stacked physique or Bray Wyatt trimming the fat, there’s no denying that Superstars have to put in the work to keep themselves at the top of their game.

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