The PlayStation 5 will stand over a foot tall


Last week we finally learned what the PlayStation 5 would look like. For some, it looks incredible. For others, it looks like an internet router.

It's undeniable that the sleek and futuristic look of the PS5 catches the eye, and it has certainly prompted plenty of discussion, which can only be good publicity for the next generation console.

One detail that we're still waiting on, however, is the official dimensions of the PS5 tower. This has, of course, prompted a great investigation on the internet, with fans attempting to estimate the size of the console based on the pictures we've seen so far.

From what they're saying, it's going to be huge.

Reddit user u/GREBO7 created a comparison image which shows all of the most recent consoles, from the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, side-by-side. This shows that the PS5 is incredibly tall when compared to consoles of previous generations. Even the mighty PS3 doesn't appear to scrape the skies quite like this newest addition.

A ResetEra thread, as per The Verge, reports that the PS5 will measure in at over 14 inches in height, which is remarkably over a foot tall. This would make the PS5 around an inch taller than the base model of the already very sizeable PlayStation 3 and Xbox One. 

Even compared to its closest rival the Xbox Series X, which has been compared to items ranging from fridges and bazookas, to air conditioners and Jedi Ki-Adi-Mundi's forehead, the PS5 looks to tower over it. 

While Sony is planning to release a slimmer version of the PS5 that doesn't include a disc drive, it's estimated that this model would still be the exact same height as the base model, just ever so slightly thinner due to a lack of disc drive, as an estimate from HDTVtest's Adam Fairclough shows, via The Verge. 


The main way in which fans have come up with these estimates so far is by comparing to sizes of USB-A ports and disc drives, two elements which have been shown on the PS5 so far, to other consoles which we already know the dimensions of.

It is very possible that the PS5 will be smaller than these estimates, but unless the images we've already received of the console from Sony are wildly out of proportion, it doesn't seem like these guesses will be too far off. 

The PS5 is already going to be quite the sight, and it'll only be even more obvious if you can't fit it into your shelf. So, good luck with that. 

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