Vdeo shows Paul Scholes' superb outside of the foot passing technique


Paul Scholes was a joy to watch at times.

His range of passing was extraordinary, and he excelled at playing football's 'quarterback' position and pinging balls around the park.

And it would seem like Scholes hasn't lost his touch, either.

In Manchester City legend Vincent Kompany's testimonial last year, Scholes produced an extraordinary one-touch, no-look pass for Tim Cahill.

Whether it was a short, direct pass or a long, floated delivery, Scholes could find his target with ease.

And one particular technique he was brilliant at was the outside of the foot pass.

The former Manchester United midfielder could judge the weight perfectly and made what is a difficult skill look very, very easy.

A compilation video of Scholes' best outside of the foot passes has now emerged and it's well worth a watch.

The video doesn't include Scholes' pass in Kompany's testimonial, so here it is.



Scholes' career is often compared to Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard's and, due to the fact that he rarely took over a game in the same way Gerrard and Lampard did, he's very often put at the bottom of the trio.

But a story from Kieron Dyer's autobiography will make you realise just how good he really was.

“When you talk about Gerrard, Lampard and Scholes, Scholes was the best of the three and yet he was asked to give way," Dyer wrote, per the Daily Mail.

"He was the absolute master of one touch in training. One day he scored three or four goals - and I’m not talking tap-ins. I’m talking 25-yarders-lodging-in-the-stanchion-type goals.

“When the session was over, the rest of the England players formed a guard of honour and clapped him off the pitch. I’d never seen that before and I never saw it again.”

Scholes could do things with a football that few others can.

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