PlayStation 5 fan notices incredible detail on the back of the controllers

PS5 Controller

Whether you’re a fan of the PlayStation 5 design or not, it would be difficult to argue that it doesn’t catch your eye. 

With its sleek, futuristic look and bright colour scheme, the PS5 is certainly quite something.

Some people have compared it to internet routers, air conditioners, football stadiums and even a BMW i8, and while there’s certainly no wide agreement on whether it looks good or not, you have to appreciate the level of design that’s gone into it. 

One element of the PS5 in particular has been noticed by fans as a brilliant example of the care and detail that Sony are putting into this newest console.

Twitter user Shinobi602 highlighted a tiny but impressive detail on the PS5 controllers, which is blowing the minds of many fans. If you look close enough, you can see that the grip side of the controller is actually made up of thousands of little squares, triangles, crosses and circles, the signature button icons of the PlayStation brand. 

The eagle-eyed investigator also noticed that this incredible detail also carries over to the PS5 console itself, as well as other accessories that you can buy with it. 

The response to this revelation from Sony fans has been overwhelmingly positive, with one user saying: “That’s what you’re paying your $699 for.”

Others have, of course, taken a dig at the console for this seemingly insignificant addition to the design, with one person joking: “During the development of the console they had to choose between 60fps and this grip texture.”

It seems like Sony have put a lot of effort into getting the controller right this year, whether it’s focusing on the shape of the device or the materials that it’s made of, the amount of care and attention they are showing on this console really gives the impression that it’s a premium device, certainly worth whatever price tag they end up attaching to it. 

We are yet to receive an official announcement on what the launch price of the PS5 will be, but we can be certain that it’s not going to be cheap. Start saving now, if you haven’t already. 

The PS5 should be coming this holiday season, all fingers are crossed that the pandemic doesn’t get in the way of the launch. 

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