WWE Backlash: Fans are calling cinematic match involving ninjas and monsters the worst ever

The tag team match at Backlash was strange

WWE's Backlash pay-per-view certainly got fans talking on social media. 

Much of the attention was on the main event of Randy Orton vs Edge, branded 'The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever'. 

While the pair were never realistically going to live up to that billing, their bout did go down very well with fans. 

It may not have been the greatest ever, but it will certainly be in the conversation for match of the year.   

While Edge vs Orton was well received by fans, the RAW Tag Team Championship bout wasn't. 

But why? The simple answer is because it wasn't even a title match. In fact, it wasn't a match at all.

Instead, The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders battled around WWE's Performance Center in cinematic fashion - similar to the Money in the Bank match earlier this year. 

The two teams traded strikes and blows in between a number of dream sequences, which called back to their 'anything you can do, we can do better' rivalry that's unfolded on RAW recently. 

But before long, their brawl was interrupted by Akira Tozawa and a group of ninjas on motorcycles... yes, really.  

The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders then teamed up to fight off Tozawa and his crew and the segment ended with all four men climbing and falling off a production truck into a dumpster. 

While they were laying in the trash, something was moving underneath them and what looked like a monster's tentacle appeared on screen, trying to attack the two tag teams. 

It really was a bizarre segment and one that didn't go down well on social media, with many fans calling it WWE's worst-ever match. 

"This is horrible. Can we stop these matches, they get worse and worse every PPV," one fan wrote on Twitter. 

Monsters were involved in the match

Another said: "Let's not talk about this ever again," while a third claimed:

"You don’t care about tag team wrestling. You might as well release all the tag teams you’ve got, and let them prosper somewhere else. This is embarrassing." 

The match didn't go down well with fans

One fan simply concluded: "I would say one of the worst matches in history but it wasn't a match. Don't know who writes these stories but hopefully, they are not writers any longer."

Cinematic matches have been a hit since the coronavirus pandemic forced WWE to try something different, but it seems their latest attempt really didn't go down well. 

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