WWE news: Randy Orton gives AJ Styles s*** backstage for believing in 'Flat Earth' theory

Orton has been ripping into AJ Styles over his beliefs

Randy Orton has admitted to 'giving AJ Styles s***' about his controversial flat-Earth beliefs. 

The Phenomenal One has previously made headlines for suggesting 'there are things that make sense' about the theory - although he has denied being a 'flat-earther'. 

He made those comments during an episode of Talking Smack back in 2016 and rumours that he disagrees that the world is a sphere have been circulating ever since. 

So much so, that they made it into the WWE locker room - and caused Styles to take some flak from his fellow stars - including Randy Orton. 

"I know you had AJ on a couple of weeks ago or it was aired a couple of weeks ago," The Viper told Corey Graves on WWE's After The Bell podcast.

"So I wanted to somehow segue to how AJ's a flat-earther.

"He thinks the Earth's flat, and I know that's just a really comical topic to talk about. And I give him s*** about it, and he hates it. So I just had to get that.

"It's not a rib. He thinks the Earth's flat." 

Orton finds Styles' beliefs hilarious

This isn't the first time Orton has called Styles out about his beliefs. Back in 2019, The Viper tagged his colleague in a tweet asking if they had any flat-earthers amongst their followers. 

According to reports from Tom Colohue of SportsKeeda, Orton isn't the only WWE star 'mocking' AJ for his views backstage and that could have been a factor in him swapping RAW for SmackDown.

"AJ Styles' views, and a lot of them, have been seriously questioned more now than ever by a lot of people backstage," the report reads. 

Styles has moved from RAW to SmackDown

"There has apparently been a lot of situations where AJ Styles has been mocked, and he has said to not be feeling particularly at home." 

After moving from RAW to SmackDown, The Phenomenal One would probably have been hoping to keep those flat Earth rumours on the down-low. But thanks to Orton, that won't be happening.  

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