Troy Deeney: 'There is probably one gay or bisexual player in every football team'


Troy Deeney believes there is probably one gay or bisexual player in every football team.

There isn’t a high-profile male gay or bi footballer despite several top women players coming out as lesbian or bisexual.

However, Watford striker Deeney thinks there is now a big platform for a gay athlete to come out and lead the way for other gay players.

Former Premier League midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger spoke publicly about being a gay football following his retirement. Meanwhile, back in the 1990s, Justin Fashanu came out as gay during his career - becoming the first and only British gay male professional footballer.

Talking on Louis Theroux’s BBC podcast, Grounded, Deeney said: "I would go on record saying that there is probably one gay or bi person in every football team. They're there, they are 100 per cent there.

"I think people that are gay or from that community definitely are very worried about having to shoulder the responsibility of being the first. I think once the first comes out, there would be loads.


"If they came out and said it, I genuinely believe you would get, in the first week, at least 100 people that went 'me too'. Just because they don't want to be the face of it."

"I think there is now a bigger platform than ever to be a gay athlete of any nature.

"I also wonder why people finish football, rugby, whatever the sport it might be, and then go 'I am gay'. I feel like it must be a real heavy load to carry throughout all your whole sporting career."

Let's hope that, one day, a high-profile male footballer feels comfortable enough to come out as gay and is the pioneer for other gay players in the game.

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