WWE news: Edge only suffered serious injury when re-taping match vs Randy Orton

Edge's injury could have been avoided

Edge and Randy Orton closed Sunday’s Backlash pay-per-view with a brilliant match. 

Their performances went down very well with fans, critics and fellow WWE icons alike, as they put on a show in what was billed ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’.

Of course, it was never going to truly be that, but Edge vs Orton should certainly be put in the Match of the Year conversation and could well be the best we’ve seen since the coronavirus pandemic hit.

But, there was one sour note from Sunday night.

The Rated-R Superstar suffered a serious injury, tearing his tricep during the bout. It will see him miss months of action and we may not see Edge in the ring again in 2020.

What makes the injury worse, is it was pretty avoidable. According to Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez, he suffered the tear while WWE were re-taping parts of the match. 

“Unfortunately, Edge tore his triceps in one of the re-takes,” the pair discussed on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“I don’t know the spot he got hurt, but one person speculated it was the second or third time they did the RKO off the top rope.

Edge could have been injured by an RKO

“They did the whole match, went all the way to the finish and [Edge’s] arm looked fine. He finished the match with no torn triceps, then they went back.

“He got hurt in the second taping after he had done the entire match. The injury came when they went through other stuff.” 

Had WWE been happy with the entire first take of Edge vs Orton, the Rated-R Superstar would never have torn his triceps. 

This image appears to show Edge's torn tricep

Unless there was something seriously wrong with their performance in the first take, then it seems silly to have spots re-done. 

But, with a match that carries the tagline of ‘the greatest ever,’ WWE backed themselves into a corner here. 

Edge and Orton was billed high

Everything had to be perfect and that came at a price. We may not see Edge in the ring again for quite some time. 

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