FIFA games ranked from worst to best according to their Metacritic score

FIFA 20's Metacrtic score is shockingly bad

EA Sports FIFA is without doubt the most popular football game on the planet.

The franchise sells millions of copies every single year, but there is often a question as to whether the game itself is actually improving.

While FIFA 20 has the finest graphics of any edition in the series, fans across the globe have been heavily critical of the gameplay on show in EA Sports’ latest instalment.

So we’ve decided to see just how badly FIFA 20 compares to the its predecessors and ranked every FIFA game this century based on its Metacritic score.

All scores have been collected from the PlayStation ratings of each game, just to make things fair.

20. FIFA 20 – 79/1.1

Oh dear. FIFA users have ranked the latest edition of the game a pathetic 1.1/10.

19. FIFA 06 – 80/7.8

The fans seemed to enjoy FIFA 06 far more than the critics.

18. FIFA 08 – 81/7.1

A poor user score sees FIFA 08 slip into 18th place.

17. FIFA 05 – 81/7.5

Thanks to a few more positive reviews from fans, FIFA 05 sneaks into 17th.

16. FIFA 16 – 82/4.4

An absolutely woeful user score sees FIFA 16 condemned to 16th place, how ironic.

FIFA 16's cover

15. FIFA 15 – 82/5.6

A slightly improved user score elevates FIFA 15 just above the game that actually proceeded it.

14. FIFA 02 – 82/6.1

A golden-oldie that performed pretty averagely on both accounts, but its user score is pretty darn good compared to the more up-to-date pair above.

13. FIFA 07 – 82/7.8

The critics weren’t huge fans, but users loved FIFA 07. The game has earned a higher user score than the next nine editions of FIFA on this list.

12. FIFA 19 – 83/1.9

Despite all its bugs and dreadful gameplay, FIFA 19 scored heavily with the critics.

11. FIFA 01 – 83/7.3

The oldest FIFA on the list is a pretty solid performer all-round. You just can’t beat a bit of nostalgia, can you?

The FIFA 2001 cover

10. FIFA 18 – 84/3.4

Just look at that user score, wow. The last three editions of FIFA have gone down horribly with fans and to be honest, it’s not hard to see why.

9. FIFA 04 – 84/6.4

It may have been released 14 years before, but FIFA 04 edges ahead of FIFA 18 with a far superior user score.

8. FIFA 17 – 85/4.9

The curse of the modern FIFA continues. The introduction of ‘Squad Building Challenges’ in FIFA is perhaps its only saving grace.

7. FIFA 14 – 87/6.3

One of the launch titles for the PlayStation 4 and FIFA 14 earned rave reviews from critics. Fans on the other hand weren’t as impressed.

6. FIFA 09 – 87/7.5

The game where Ultimate Team made its debut went down well with both critics and fans.

FIFA 09's cover

5. FIFA 13 – 88/6.7

A very good edition of the franchise and the last FIFA to earn a user score on Metacritic over 6.5.

4. FIFA 03 – 88/6.6

A game often labelled a ‘classic’ and the critics couldn’t get enough of it. Interestingly, the user score is the lowest among the top five.

3. FIFA 11 – 89/8.1

The FIFA game with the highest user score on this list was an absolute classic and was one of the last games where the Ultimate Team game mode was actually fun to play.

2. FIFA 12 – 90/7.2

The critics adored FIFA 12, but users weren’t as impressed. Nevertheless, the game was streets ahead of FIFA 20!

1. FIFA 10 – 91/7.6

A pretty deserved winner. FIFA 10’s gameplay was exceptional and every game mode was delivered to perfection, a far cry from the rubbish we’ve had to endure over the past few years.

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