Gamer has ranked iconic PlayStation 2 games from 'GOAT' to 'Haven't Played'


Ah the nostalgia.

The PlayStation 2 for many was their gateway into gaming, as the amount of games across a wide range of genres released for the console really meant there was something for just about everyone. 

The PS2 to this day is still the most sold video game console of all time, with approximately 155 million units sold worldwide.

For us, growing up as a child with the PS2 was amazing. Hours were spent on games like FIFA, SmackDown vs Raw 2007, SSX Tricky and not forgetting Disney Extreme Skate Adventure.

However, none of these games feature in this ultimate tier list created by an avid gamer, which has left us somewhat scratching our heads in disbelief.

The list works down from ‘GOAT’ to the ‘Sh*t Tier’, and also features games that the tier’s creator hasn’t heard of/played.

The GOAT tier is reserved for two titles only in this list… ‘Jak and Daxter’ and ‘Okami.’ 

‘Jak and Daxter’ is said to be a defining franchise for the PS2, with the first game in the series being released in 2001, which is the game referred to in this list. The GOAT game is mainly a platformer, but features plenty of action, puzzle solving and racing. 

‘Okami’ first hit shelves five years after its GOAT tier companion, after being released in 2006 in North America and Japan. The game recieved poor record of sales, perhaps due to it being one of the last original releases for the PS2. However, that did not stop it from being critically acclaimed and winning IGN’s Game of the Year for 2006.


The ‘God Tier’ features two instalments from Disney’s ‘Kingdom Hearts’ franchise, but more noticeably features ‘God of War’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’, which have perhaps been harshly done by, by being denied of GOAT tier status. 

The ‘Top Tier’ again features a God of War instalment with ‘God of War 2’ and there is also a GTA instalment with ‘GTA 3’. ‘Shadow of the Colossus’, ‘Ratchet and Clank’ and ‘Metal Gear Solid 3’ are also among some of the titles in this tier.

‘High Tier’ features two instalments from the ‘Crash Bandicoot’ series, as well as more instalments from ‘GTA’, ‘Metal Gear Solid’, ‘Kingdom Hearts’, ‘Jak and Daxter’ and ‘Dragonball Z’ series. 

‘Mid Tier’ includes two games from the ‘Guitar Hero’ series, as well as two instalments from the ‘Call of Duty’ franchise, one of them being ‘World at War’ which is better known for its Xbox 360 and PS3 version, which featured iconic online multiplayer action.


The low and sh*t tiers are mainly filled with games belonging to franchises, ‘GTA Liberty City Stories’ which is in the ‘sh*t tier’ was first released for the PSP in 2005, much like ‘Vice City Stories’ (which features in the ‘haven’t heard of tier’.) Both games were later released for the PS2 and due to them being mainly for the PSP, they felt like they lacked true GTA action.


The haven’t heard of/played tiers are likewise also filled with games from franchises, like ‘Guitar Hero’, which has a lot of separate instalments away from the game’s main series, which is the case for most of the games in these tiers.

So there we have it, there is the iconic PlayStation 2 game tier list. 

We must stress, however, we did NOT put this together ourselves, so if you disagree with it, that’s not on us. It’s a gamer’s creation… so blame him!

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