Mikel Arteta has created 'Wheel of Fortune' for Arsenal players to spin after breaking rules

Arteta has changed the culture at Arsenal

When Mikel Arteta arrived to replace Unai Emery in December, it quickly became clear he'd install a new culture at Arsenal. 

The former Gunners star knows his club inside out and worked closely with the great Pep Guardiola at Manchester City for a number of years. 

So it's fair to say his arrival in north London had fans excited, especially after things fizzled out under Emery. 

It's reported that the former Arsenal boss lost the dressing room in his final months - and it seems Arteta has already moved to stamp his authority on it. 

According to David Ornstein of The Athletic, the new head coach has installed a 'Wheel of Fortune' that players have to spin for breaking minor club rules. 

"Although Arteta demands utter professionalism from those under his charge, he is not without a sense of humour," Ornstein wrote.

"In recent months, the club's code of conduct has seen a playful new addition the Spaniard brought with him from Man City: 'The Wheel of Fortune.'

"If a player commits a minor indiscretion, such as being late for a team meeting, they must spin the wheel.

Arteta has introduced a wheel of fortune at Arsenal

"On the wheel are a series of forfeits, ranging from a modest fine to cleaning the dressing room, or even having to polish the captain's car.

"There is one option on the wheel - the one every player hopes for - that permits a 'lucky escape'. It's just one of a series of changes Arteta has made that have lifted the mood at London Colney."

Brilliant. Discipline, of course, is very important at football clubs.

Arteta has changed the culture at Arsenal recently

But players are far more likely to respond positively to something 'fun' like a wheel of misfortune, rather than feeling hard done by a rigid set of rules. 

We just wonder which Arsenal players have had to spin the wheel the most? David Luiz... we're looking at you. 

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