Eddie Hall once passed out after 1,000KG leg press


First things first, Eddie Hall is an absolute unit.

It is unlikely that you would need further evidence to back up that statement, but this Vlog from the former World’s Strongest Man back in September should do the trick.

The very sight of the leg press machine makes our skin shiver, as the amount of videos that have circled round showing those who have overextended their legs whilst on the machine and have paid the price for doing so, are forever scarred into our brains.

That wouldn’t seem to be the case for Eddie Hall, though, who half way through his Vlog titled ‘Passed out doing 1000KG Leg Press’ does just that, which he states is his personal best when it comes to leg press.

However, the video starts with Hall squatting a ridiculous amount of weight. The heaviest he gets to is 220KG, but states he’d usually get up to 300KG, however, due to injuries he has sustained to his hip, he states it would be stupid for him to go any higher than 220KG that day.

Hall also offers advice on working out, stating that some people need to know when to walk away from an exercise and when enough is enough.

As he warms up on the leg press machine, viewers are treated to quite the surprise when Hall seemingly soils himself after a loud passing of wind. He does go on to relieve us watching by saying “it wasn’t actually that bad” before stating he had emptied the rest of his a** out.

Just the image we was looking to get in our head, nice one Eddie.

Hall then proceeds to load the leg press machine up with stacks of 25KG plates, which at full capacity only takes the machine to 850KG, but Eddie adds plates and dumbbells on top of the machine, taking the overall weight to 1000KG. Mental.

Hall, of course smashes it, by pushing out four or five reps. However, when he locks the machine back up, he immediately passes out before he wakes up in confusion asking his cameraman if he had just blacked out.

To be able to leg press a tonne is astonishing and will certainly help his standing in the ring should Hall fight rival Thor Bjornsson in a boxing match next year.

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