The greatest Football Manager Regen has been identified on FM20


Football Manager gamers are constantly on the look out for signing and producing the best talent within the computer game.

What happens, however, when the real players start to retire as you progress for longer than just a few seasons?

Well, the game produces youth regenerated players but the constant challenge is to find the best ones, particularly when you have progressed past a number of seasons.

Indeed, players such as Regen Hunters track down the best Regen footballers within the Football Manager world.

Subsequently, Regen Hunters via Twitter yesterday now claim they may have found the best Regen character to date in Isaac Mbarga.

Mbarga is a French international who plays for Spanish La Liga side Atletico Madrid as a central striker.

At just 25 years of age, his value has already reached that of £96 million and is on a contract worth a staggering £400k-a-week until the year 2038!

What is even more surprising is that during the coach’s summary of Mbarga, it indicates that he could still improve.This is despite already having a star player status.

Some of the numbers that clearly stand out are Mbarga’s free-kick taking, which has already reached 20 out of 20, while other impressive technical abilities include heading and dribbling, which are currently at 19 and 18 respectively.

Mbarga’s mental and physical stats, however, make for even more impressive reading. Decision-making, which is a vital trait on any football field, has reached a maximum of 20, while the French international has also acquired the highest strength and balance numbers available.

Additionally, in the player traits section, the Atletico Madrid striker is someone who is not afraid to attempt the iconic overhead kicks.

Overall it is easy to see why Regan Hunters consider Mbarga’s numbers to be the best Regan ever that Football Manager has produced, the question is do you gamers agree?

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